It's Okay To Be Bad

by OneTaste Living Library  Mar 28, 2012

nnBy Robert K. nnIt’s okay to be badnIt’s okay to let your desires outnThose you keep, deepnInside the shoebox of your mental closetnnWhat’s in your secret closet?nAre there whips and chains?nDildo’s and vibrators?nOr….nnIt’s okay to be badnIts okay to feel all your desires insidenWhat is “bad” is only what younDeem as badnnWhat if god gave younA magic clickernA clicker that couldnChange Morph TurnnAll that you deem as bad into good?nLike a magic photocopiernInverting black into whitennWould you still shy awaynFrom your Desire?nPull off the clown nosenAnd grease paintnTo reveal what’s underneathnnI was told I should be goodnI was told to avoid being badnMy good, I tell you, is definitely badnMy good is hot sex in the middle of the nightnLeaving a reservoir of our desirenPuffy and thicknMy sex hard and hungrynMy turn on flowingnnI will not put down my badnI will not deny my desirenIt is large, like a skyscrapernIt is hungry, like a pacing tigernI want to be a mannI want her to feel my hungernMy bad meeting her badnnLet me flynLet it out and let me freenI will not be a prisoner to other's goodnI will notnFalternIt’s okay to be badnIt’s okay to use the magic clickernJust flip it for a momentnSneak itnNo one is watchingnLife’s shortnTaste the badnLet it saturate your salivating tonguennKnow your badnCause it will inform your goodnDon’t follow other's goodnCause it’s unlikely to match your ownnn nnWe all have those desires that we keep deeply hidden, the ones that we decided, long ago, were totally inappropriate and would get us in all kinds of trouble. But why do we still keep them hidden? Will we really get in trouble for our desire? Who is the watchful eye, really? Let free one of those tucked away desires today, see if trouble actually comes your way...or if your definition of trouble suddenly shifts.