The Clench

by OneTaste Living Library  Mar 24, 2012

nnBy Joanna V.nnWhen I started OMing (August 2010), I was nervous about everything. I was nervous to take my pants off. I waited until the very last minute before actually unbuttoning my jeans. I was nervous of what “shape” my pussy was in. Was it shaved…hairs out of place? I was nervous about spreading my legs, especially, in the light of day. I was nervous about just about everything that goes with the practice of OM.nnOne day, about 3 months into my OM practice, my OM partner said, “Stop Clenching.” He pointed out how I was clenching my jaw. I was holding on so tightly, that my lips were pursing.nnEvery time I lay down to OM, I think about releasing the clench. Releasing that in me which is trying to hold on. Thank you, OM partner, for noticing where I try to hold on.nn nnOrgasmic Meditation is like an experimental lab, one where we can try out potentially scary, life-changing things in a safe setting. Letting go of control is not an easy thing, it takes practice and deliberation. Having the safe container that a regular OM practice provides is an amazing way to break old patterns and watch your true nature emerge.