Orgasm as a Gateway to Women’s Intuition

by OneTaste Living Library  Mar 22, 2012

nnBy Nirmala N. nnMost people, men and women, tend to get their best ideas at the most unexpected and strangely mundane of times: in the shower, on the toilet, after waking up from a night of dreamless slumber. Like a bolt out of the blue, our Eureka moments are rarely the result of hours of painful scrutiny and various incisive methods of sussing out any given situation. Like manna wafted down from the heavens, brilliance tends to be the fortuitous side effect of the simple belief that the universe is a rich, abundant, and infinitely mysterious realm…one in which intuition and imagination routinely win out over mental analysis.nnIntuition isn’t something that is explicable by virtue of regular ol’ logic and inductive reasoning; it’s a visceral response that is perceptible and easy to locate. We can feel it in the goosebumps on our arms when a certain someone walks into the room…the little hairs standing up on the backs of our necks when we feel enigmatically accosted by something that’s just a little off…the feeling of our heart pounding, or our palms drenched in sweat, or our stomach tying itself in knots, or a slight shift in the temperature of the room.nnWomen’s intuition isn’t simply an old wives’ tale, but a valuable vestige of our reptilian brain. According to the social scientist Herbert Simon, as we see familiar details emerge over time, we are able to recognize larger, more complex, and subtle patterns and store them in our long-term memory—which we typically experience as the flash of intuition that seems to hail from a more peculiar source than conscious reasoning. Our ancient female ancestors were particularly privy to this intricate evolutionary upshot, which was required in order to ensure the survival of their offspring.nnFor a Turned-On Woman, orgasm is the lightning rod that channels her intuition before it gets the chance to dissipate into the white noise of habitual doubts that can sometimes serve to drown out that soft, silent voice we all know to be a harbinger of goodness. An orgasm—also known as a climax—is one peak that is part of a much larger and more nuanced experience than many of us know. This orgasm (which is not the classically male sexual response we typically associate with the definition) exists inside each of our bodies and is accessible at any time. It is the experience that comes when there is no physical or emotional resistance to pleasure. It’s marked by all the characteristics we associate with orgasm—involuntary muscular contractions, flushing, light perspiration—but it is not oriented toward a particular goal or finish. In this model, everyone is orgasmic. The journey, then, is for each of us to explore how our own unique orgasm presents itself. In other words, how we get “turned on.”nnWhile most people view their intuition as a “gut” feeling that leads them to make the right choice when they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, a Turned-On Woman knows that her intuition is accessible from the most sensation-soaked center of her body: her pussy. Regular OM’ing enables her to tune into the sometimes inscrutable cycles of her orgasmic response, which are never inseparable from her internal and external climate. Whether she wants to feel into a prospective lover or simply gauge whether her environment is safe, a Turned-On Woman learns to trust the contractions, expansions, and surging fluctuations of her orgasm as inroads into information that isn’t always immediately accessible when we’re navigating conventional paths. And she learns that following her intuition is all about staying in a place of dynamic tension. It’s all about learning to navigate the crests and troughs of her own orgasm—and thus, of the world around her—simply by opening herself to the sensation and letting it be the convoy that guides her.nnPart of the brilliance of a Turned-On Woman has to do with the manner in which she sidesteps predictability because she doesn’t get mired in the regular menu of options. She learns to live in dynamic tension (meaning: the possibilities become suddenly numberless) because she's able to step into intensely sensational situations, which allows all the old stories and programs to drop away like unwanted baggage. She knows how to respond in a full-bodied, open-hearted, orgasmically conscious manner that lets her sink trustingly into her intuition and the world of sensation that is always at her fingertips (a world which emerges, first and foremost, from her orgasm). From this place, she can dance with situations that might be challenging or oppositional rather than squish down the experience of conflict, avoid it, or react against it. She learns how to have what she wants without bursting when she’s too full or feeling depleted when she finds herself efforting to get it. She experiences mental acuity without becoming stuck in her head. When that kind of window opens wide, the vista becomes patinated with all kinds of colorful and previously unthought-of possibilities, and ennui and dissatisfaction are no longer acceptable.nnIf you’d like to become more attuned to your intuition, keep an eye out for extraordinary signs and messages, because they can often conceal themselves under the dubious cover of the quotidian. And if you’re not accustomed to dropping into the place of warmth and stillness that is your natural birthright, go easy on yourself and remember to slow down. After all, you don’t learn to drive a Ferrari by constantly gunning the accelerator. Opening into the realm of your orgasm and intuition is dependent on your ability to incrementally integrate your experiences, which begins by simply noticing what most turns you on and impels you to come alive.nnThere are plenty of ways you can learn to exercise your intuition: clearing your mind daily and tuning into your body by meditating is one surefire method of cleaning up the external clutter and gauging your internal climate. In addition, you can keep an intuition journal; write down what your intuition is telling you, based on sensations in your body, and report what happens when you act on this subtle knowledge. Having a record of these moments will hone your confidence in following your internal voice. Exercising the right side of your brain, which is where holistic expression and nonverbally based knowledge reside, can also be strengthened through “automatic” practices like freewrites, painting, dancing, and creativity in general. And, of course, one of the best ways to increase your access to the realm of sensation is to build a regular OM practice and keep a journal that tracks every subtle observation—which will naturally increase your sensitivity to the information your body wants to convey.nnWhere does your intuition reside? Your gut? Your heart? Your pussy? Wherever you find that voice to be just a little louder and more persistent than usual, be sure to tune in, listen, and trust from a place that honors both the visceral and contemplative experience of being alive.nn nnnWhen we find the place where there is no physical or emotional resistance to pleasure, we enter into another world entirely.