Host a Desire Party

by OneTaste Living Library  Mar 19, 2012

nnBy Rosa M.nnWant something fun to do with your partner or with your girlfriends this weekend? Try something we love to do that builds connection, intimacy, and inspiration...nnHost your own desire party!nnSingles, you can do this by inviting your friends over and hosting your desire party a long with a dinner party.nnCouples, you can create your very own private desire party in an intimate setting.nn nnHere is a guide to a guaranteed success:nn1. Make cute or sexy invitations and deliver them or post them to your desired party guestsnn2. Have delicious food for your guests to nibble on (tip: choose foods that will bring out yournnsenses like strong scents and textures).nn3. Create a beautiful space in your chosen venue. Make things comfy and warm. Drape blanketsnnover chairs and use as many pillows as you can find. Create the perfect setting to invite everyone's desires out!nn4. Have different color post-it notes and pens available for you and your guests to write onnn5. Tell your guests that this is their opportunity to be open about their desires… especially anynndesire that they’ve kept hidden!nn6. Then spend 15 minutes writing out as many desires as you can on post-it notes and stick them all over the walls of the room you’re in.nn7. Once you’re done: Start a discussion: How does it feel to invite out your desire? How many desires came up for you that you didn't want to write? If you didn't write them why not? Did it feel socially inappropriate? Were you worried about weirding other people out? What is your relationship to your desire? How often do you listen to it and follow it? How often do you dismiss it? Go around and have each person reveal the most surprising desires that came up for them.nn8. Take the next half hour to break up into pairs and talk about your desires, write down your short and long term desires for your life, and make a new commitment to yourself and your desire with your partner as a witness.nn9. Come back into the group and have each person share their commitment to their desire.nn10. Spend the rest of the evening basking in the sensation you’ve created with your desire. If you want something relaxed, come down by watching an in-theme movie like Dangerous Beauty.nn nnDesire is the friend that never leaves us. But how well do we treat it? How often do you push your desire away, tell it 'not now, later!' or dismiss it as impossible or ridiculous? Learn to cultivate a healthy relationship with your desire and notice how your life begins to change. If you're asking your self, 'How do I do that?' Take a look here.