An OM A Day!

by OneTaste Living Library  Mar 8, 2012

nnAfter 7 years of OMing, I couldn't help but borrow a few famous slogans to create my own bumper stickers. These mainly came up after a good OM session.nnI hope you have or will find the truth in them that I have come to know.nnIf you're inspired to contribute a good OM bumper sticker, leave it in the comment!nnStay tuned for the next one, or skip back for the 'Just Stroke It' bumper sticker!nn nnFlooding the body with Orgasm on a daily basis actually does have major health benefits. As the body goes into a state of orgasm it is flooded with oxytocin and your stress hormone levels decrease. Just ask our friend and affiliate Dr. Sara Gottfried, go here to see she and Nicole Daedone chat about the health benefits of orgasm.