Just Stroke It.

by OneTaste Living Library  Mar 6, 2012

nBy Yia V.nnAfter 7 years of OMing, I couldn't help but borrow a few famous slogans from the media to create my own OM bumper stickers.nnThese mainly came up after a good OM session.nnI hope you have or will find the truth in them that I have come to know.nnIf you're inspired to contribute a good OM bumper sticker, leave it in the comment!nn nnWhat Yia means to say with this bumper sticker is: Having an OM can be like pressing the relief button on your life; in those moments when you want to fight, when you're agitated, when it's just not going right, just OM. Agree to leave your problems at the door for 15 minutes and just feel, we promise you can pick them back up on your way out...that is if you still want them.