Ripened Fruit

by OneTaste Living Library  Feb 29, 2012

nBy Eli B.nnThere is a woman I have seen a few times around town. We have said hello twice. Almost a month apart. The first time was done awkwardly in a group. But I could still feel it. It's that same slightly giddy feeling I have in an OM that tells me to stroke lighter. The second time was quick, and if all my attention had not been on her, I could have missed the way she used hers. I guess she knew I was standing there. The way she looked over her shoulder, her eyes searched for nothing. They just moved directly to mine. I could feel her cross-hairs lock on me and expertly crack off a shot. 'Hey', she said as her head turned in my direction. 'Whats up,' I replied. And then she went back to whoever she was talking to. The subtext was almost deafening: 'I've seen you a few times and I know you're there behind me, and I feel this thing with you.' 'Yes.'nnAnd at any moment, having willed myself past my fear of rejection in approaching strange women, I could have marched right up to her and introduced myself like a man. Right up to the front door. Ding dong.nnIf that's what it was about… But it's not. There's too much juice in this stroke to play that tired old game. Like in my OMs, when the stroke I'm doing feels sensational, it's best to have patience. Patience.nnThe truth is I don't want a new Facebook friend or the prize of a phone number I can call in 36 hours. If this latest flirtation is anything like my OMs, I want to feel our magnetic fields repel each other softly, with invisible growing desire until one ceremoniously flips. From OM, I have learned to be very patient with desire. I will wait weeks, months, perhaps years.nnI know this feeling and it's been a long time since I felt something this magnetic in a woman. I want more. And I want to go with what I feel. Since I've started OMing three years ago, sensation has never let me down.nnSo we will see what happens next time we meet. I will lick my left index finger, stick it in the wind and feel which way it's blowing.nnOne thing is for certain: If I go in farther than I have, it will be like reaching for the apple at the very moment it falls from the tree. Unripened fruit holds a diminishing appeal these days.nn nn nnThe tenets of OM teach us about simplicity, attention, and desire. Simplicity meaning take away the stories and the rules about how we should respond, and feel what is present. Then putting pure, quality attention on what is there, and being able to feel your raw desire, without anything on top of it. This is where the juiciest, ripe fruit lies, in simply feeling connection, without grasping or pulling, and being patient and willing to let it take it's course.