Finger Trumps ALL !

by OneTaste Living Library  Feb 25, 2012

nnBy Johnny T.nnSo, this may be a bit revealing or vulnerable, but what the heck. It's true. Recently I've been 'making out' with a new friend of mine. She's amazing and sexy and uninhibited and it's really gone a long way towards me opening up my sex again.nnAs we lay there in the post coital after glow. We started talking about the previous couple hours. She turned to me and said, 'John, I love your cock, and I love ?what your tongue can do, but I gotta say, your finger trumps everything.'nnShe said it in this sweet, unassuming way. In that moment I had to chuckle, I could feel where my pride got hit. My finger ?? What about my cock and how good that just was!?!? What about my oral skills ??? Then in that same moment, I realized, she was right. She said it with such precision that I actually felt her appreciation for my cock and my other skills, and I could feel how earnest her declaration of my digit was! Like it or not, with all the stroking I have done in the past couple of years, this finger has become a secret weapon. OM is not sex, but it certainly can have implications in the bedroom. I’ve learned so much about how the clit works, how to handle it once she starts to reach out, and most importantly, how to slow down and feel more.nnIn realizing all this, my hurt pride quickly alchemized into appreciation for this practice; how attuned I have become to handling pussy, and how it has made me a better lover.? We say OM is not sex. This is true, but it certainly does have a wide impact in all aspects of your life, including the bedroom. I’m realizing how this study of the female orgasm ?and how to turn a woman on, is turning out to be a life long endeavor. It’s hard as a man, when there truly is no rule book. Yes, there are technical aspects to learn, but the most important thing I have gotten is honing the felt sense that has become my compass for navigating the wild and mysterious waters of a woman. A feeling of how much more I have to learn is welling up in me right now... But hey, making this my life’s could be worse .nnn nnOne of the most common questions people first ask us is, 'What's in it for the men?' And believe us it's not usually the men themselves asking that question. Talk to a man who practices OM, find out what he gets out of it, discover how his life has changed for the better in infinite ways. nn