To Be Who I Am

by OneTaste Living Library  Feb 22, 2012

n By Rachael H. nn“Logic and sermons never convince, The damp of night drives deeper into my soul” – Walt Whitman.nnTo me this quote explains everything. Some people think it is a depressing quote, but not me. To me it explains how logic and theory are not nearly as important as the dirt beneath your feet, or feeling who someone actually is.nnI grew up dyslexic, before people really knew what it was or how to deal with it. So I compensated. If I couldn’t articulate my experience, then I would be able to feel it and know it, deeply. And fortunately I had parents, who loved the very thing that makes me so special to this day; that I don’t see the world in the same way as everyone else.nnI am a feeler, I always have been. The world feels a certain way to me. Words don’t really explain it. I can meet someone and know their soul pretty quickly, but I may never know the color of their eyes, or if they wear glasses, do they have a beard?nnBeing a feeler in this world isn’t that easy.I gained a lot of weight and was a very large woman for many years of my life in order to feel less. Still, I was a very good social worker for a long time, until I got so burnt out on feeling people’s sorrow and struggle that I had to take a year and a backpack and travel around the world.nnThe practice of Orgasmic Meditation has taught me how to be a feeler; how to hold true to my “damp of night” over logic and sermons, AND live happily in the world. OMing taught me to be OK with how much I feel, and to use that to touch the depth of people’s souls with even more precision. Because of OM I also laugh more, fit into the world more, date more, and have better sex. I am not depressed anymore. I don’t feel like an outsider who doesn’t know how to be on earth. OMing has given me the ability to be who I am in the world. Feel all of it, know all of it, and want to feel even more.nn nnThrough the development of self love and true approval of your desires, Orgasmic Meditation will help you touch the deepest part of who you are and bring it forward into the world.