OMing 5 X Week Ended My 28 Year Love Affair

by OneTaste Living Library  Feb 19, 2012

nBy Joanna V.nnI know what you're thinking... Of course, OM has created many love affairs in my life. (I've been OMing since 2010). What I'm here to tell you today is that OM ended my 28 year love affair with bread. It's true.nnIt started with my family. We have a suspicious family gene that seems to cause all of us to be addicted to anything with flour in it. Croissants, white rolls, wheat bread loaves; you name it, I was craving it. Bread has haunted me for 28 years. If I sat across from you at dinner and happened to be on one of my 'don't eat bread kicks,' you wouldn't really be sitting with me. I'd be sitting with the bread basket. I would nod at your words, smile at the appropriate times, and really only be thinking of if I should or should NOT eat that nice little roll.nnEnter OMing.nnI had given up on ever being an Atkin's graduate, and had resigned to the fact that bread was a part of me. I didn't mind the love handles anyway (or so I told myself!). I started OMing. It didn't even cross my mind that something as strange as OMing could end this love affair with bread (I was much more focused on the love affairs with males). I OM'ed once a week at first, then I went to three times a week, and finally I graduated to five times a week. That's when things started shifting. I started to feel more of my body; when I was upset about something it usually felt like annoying pain somewhere, when I was excited by something it usually felt like a sparkle of heat somewhere.nnI kept OMing. And, I kept eating bread, never looking at a relationship between the two. Then the holiday's came. As I usually act in December, anything flour was free range, until 'no-bread January' started. The entire month I found myself eating loaf after loaf of pumpkin bread. And I kept OMing. Then one day I felt it.....I could feel what bread felt like in my body. It felt bloated, inflated, inflamed, and awful. I couldn't make the feeling move. I couldn't get it to go anywhere. All I could do was sit and feel it in my body. In that moment, I clearly decided that I didn't want to feel this way. The answer: Give up bread. It was as easy as that. Then as if I had been 'bread-less' my entire life, I stopped craving bread -- all breads.nnI was in disbelief. I went to coffee shop after coffee shop and stared at the pastry displays. Didn't I want it? Didn't I want to start the internal dialogue? It was gone. The bread love affair was gone.nnWhat I have come to is this: Keep doing what you're doing, Just Add OM. You will begin to feel more in your body. And when you do, you will notice what all of the things you do, consumption, interaction, reaction, feel like to your body. I've learned that for me it is not about convincing myself of is about listening (and being able to, thanks to OM) to how my body feels about that certain thing.nnSo, what have you been wanting to give up but can't? What have you been wanting to be clear of? Will you take the 'Just Add OM' Challenge with me?nnGoodbye Bread. Hello OM.nn nnOM is a practice that will change your life in unimaginable ways. And we call it a practice for a reason. Time, dedication, commitment, name it, you'll need it to see those surprise changes that re-orient the way you approach life.