My Orgasm

by OneTaste Living Library  Feb 17, 2012

nnBy Rachael H.nnI thought about my 'orgasm' and orgasmic meditation, and sex when I drew this. I have always loved color and drawing although I am not very good with 'art.' In college I took an art therapy class and the instructor had us go and buy every possible medium of art and try it. I tried colored pencils, paints, drawing pencils, crayons, soft pastels, and oil pastels. I started the class thinking, 'I can't draw,' and ended the class thinking, 'Oh my god I love art.' I found that by using oil pastels to draw in the colors and then using my fingers to blend them together, I can put the feeling that's inside my body, down on paper. This is how my body feels when I am flooded with orgasm.nn nnAt OneTaste we have a definition of 'Orgasm' that is different from the traditional association with the word; the moment a man or a woman reaches a sexual peak and comes or climaxes. Our definition of orgasm not only includes the climax, but also everything leading up to it and coming down after it. That's right, the entire ride of bodily sensation in connection with another, is Orgasm. It's the peaks, the valleys and the plateaus, it may include a climax or it may not. We like to say that everyone's Orgasm has it's very own experience; it is the truest expression of who we are inside.