The Woman Who Knows

by OneTaste Living Library  Feb 14, 2012

nnBy Michelle W. n

There is this Woman in Me, Who Knows.

nShe Knows how to take care of business. She Knows exactly What to do and How and When. She is Infinitely Capable and Interdependent. She doesn't make Excuses or Pretend to be Perfect. She will Not let someone push her around or Belittle her. She will Not violate her Own Boundaries. She Knows what she Wants and Goes for it. She Jumps at Challenge and Risk. She Loves Discomfort and Growth. She is a Sharp Player. She'll Turn on a Dime and take you to your Knees with her Insight.nnThis Woman Can Soothe the Trembling Children inside of Me. She can take them and all of their Fear into her arms, and wrap them in Warmth and Reassurance. She can put them to Bed, Sleeping Soundly in Sure Safety. She will wash the the Harm from their tender Bodies and Calm the Harsh winds of Abandonment and Mis-Trust. She will Love each One Uniquely and Acknowledge their Individual Strengths. She will Sing them Sweet Songs Straight from her Higher Power; And Through This they will Know their own Importance, and Viscerally, Unquestionably, Know their own Higher Power. They will grow to be Vulnerable and Communal. They will Change the World with their Devotion to their own Intuition, with their Ability to Feel. With their Connection to their Desire.nnFor this Woman has Plugged them in to an Infinite Source of Power. She has Long Since Owned her Sex and her Hunger and taught her children the Art of Shameless Living. She has Taught them that Service in Gratitude for that which Gives them Life, IS the Purpose of Life.n

This Woman Lives in Me.

n nnGetting into relationship with all parts of ourselves is a necessary step in becoming a Turned-On Woman or a Mindful Man. It means relating to the world as whole and complete, not just with the parts that we think people will like us for.