Yoga, IKEA, and Orgasmic Meditation

by OneTaste Living Library  Feb 10, 2012

n By Hadass K. n

Yoga and OM.

nAfter doing this practice of Orgasmic Meditation for a while, I am starting to be really grateful for my Yoga practice. It helps me keep a calm mind and a fluid body.nnOM brings up a lot of feelings!nnSometimes I forget that even if I have an OM early in the day, by mid-day, the feeling that my OM has stirred up can affect me. If I don’t have a consistent practice of mindful movement, the feelings can build up and feel overwhelming.nnI remember one night after my boyfriend and I had just moved in together. During that time I had decided to increase the number of times I was doing Orgasmic Meditation in a week so I could really tap into my power as a woman. However, I forgot that when I OM more, I also feel so much more…nnI came home to find my boyfriend putting together an IKEA dresser. Have you ever seen these things? They are crazy! The pictures do not make much sense to me, and the instructions seem to be in a foreign language. Somehow I find myself fighting with my boyfriend about putting together these dressers. Not even just fighting, but actually very, very angry. I did not even know why I was so angry, but all of a sudden, I couldn’t stand him, the stark white dressers, and the suffocatingly small space between us. I thought, “What is happening? Shouldn’t this momentous occasion of house christening be a bonding experience between us?!” I was finding myself questioning why I ever decided to move in with him.nnI leave to call my friend and experienced OM Trainer, Rachel, to let her know about the blow up and ask for her advice. She says, “You need to move the energy from the OMing you’re doing out of your body and smooth yourself out.” What? Oh yes. I forgot.nnAll of these feelings can get stuck inside of me, and all of a sudden every thing seems wrong. I need to let the feelings and energy move and breathe. So I go to my favorite yoga class and suddenly I can breathe again. My body feels settled and warm and that feeling of irritation turns to Turn- On.nnUpon returning home the following day, I march into my room and once again face that baffling catalog of strange pictures and words. My best friend hands me a screwdriver and I go to work.nnOk! Here we go…nn nnOM is not just a Meditation, but a lifestyle. In order to have a healthy and beneficial practice of Orgasmic Meditation, you must also incorporate exercise and and some form of clearing out thoughts and fears, such as journaling. Fear is a natural counter part of desire and is sure to arise as you build a deeper connection with your self and your body. If you are willing to do the other practices along side OM, you can open up a whole new way of living.