by OneTaste Living Library  Feb 9, 2012

 nnnnBy Hadass K.nnI’ve noticed that even though I’ve been OMing for a while, asking for the OM is still a place I hide.nnI can’t let you see my desire.nnI’m cool. I’m good either way, really. Whatever.nnSometimes I plan out the hiding in advance. I’ll send you a text with, “Wanna OM Today?”nnReally. Yeah. Anytime is good. Whatever you want works for me. I’m cool.nnWhen what I really mean is now: I’d like to OM now.nnI also like to hide out with a classic ‘over the shoulder request’.nnI pass you in the kitchen and just as I'm exiting out the doorway, I’ll throw over my shoulder, not quite making eye contact,nn“Hey...want to OM later?”nnI say it casual, and neutral, fast. Like, if you don’t hear me, its okay.nnThe truth is, it’s not okay. Underneath it all, I want you to feel my desire.nnI want you to know that I want it,nnthat I am thinking about it,nnthat I am wondering about how it will feel.nnI wonder:nnWill this OM feel light and sparkly or heavy and deep? Will you be able to reach that spot that yearns to be touched way in thennback? Will we allow ourselves to spark and ignite, surrendering ourselves to the deeper ride?nnI admit it.nnYes, deep inside I want you to know I am thinking these things.nnI want to be seen here.nnAsking for the OM is an admission of desire.nnI think I’m ready for a new practice. I don’t want to hide out anymore.nnSo next time, when I pass you in the hall, I’ll slow down.nnI’ll look at you. Make eye contact. Ask you if you’d like to OM.nnThen – I’ll simply stand there. Vulnerable. Open. Waiting to hear your response and just feel.nnHere, my OMing practice begins.nn nnOM is about learning how to communicate with a level of honesty most of us aren't used to. Having an OM practice can take us straight into the heart of our desires, through simply asking.