Singleton and OM

by OneTaste Living Library  Feb 6, 2012

Many people ask… ‘Can I OM if I’m single? Drum roll please….. YES!nnWant to see it in action? We’ve created a video of five, smart, sassy women (aka, Turned-on women) talking about how they first started OMing (Orgasmic Meditation). And, they are ALL SINGLE ladies.nnEach woman is different, and has a different relationship to OM. You’ll see a range of perspectives amongst them.nnIn an intimate conversation, they share their experience and give a little advice on how to get started.nnTopics include: asking for an OM, how to explain what OM is, and separating OM from sex and romance.nnnWhen people ask, we recommend that you choose someone you know, like and trust to begin OMing with. (And, here’s a little secret…. that doesn’t have to mean you need to be in or start a relationship with that person!)nnIf there isn’t already somebody in your life that you feel comfortable asking for an OM, we recommend that you get to know somebody! Simple, but we often forget this part.nnThere is a whole world of social connections available, and that includes connections with people you OM with.nnWhen women think of OMing, there is doubt, wonder, often times fear. You are not alone! These women are just like you. Next, we want to see you telling your story!nn