by Marcus Ratnathicam  Jan 29, 2012

For me, desperation is a good source of power. Here’s how it goes:


It’s fleeting. It’s an opportunity for me to do something different from what I would normally do. In this window, I realize I am feeling pain – I feel pain. Simultaneously I realize I’ve been feeling it for a while. I’m at capacity.

And my body is telling me something – ask her/him out, break up, quit my job, get a new one. Yoga. Start exercising. Something.

My mind tells me there is little to no connection between this voice and this pain. It’s just plain scared.

Here, in desperation, in this window, I am given two options –

  1. Metabolize the pain with time – I don’t change anything, I don’t take the leap – just let it slowly numb. It will, and with the numbing the window will close, and I can be back on my way.
  2. Change - Take transformative action to change the system which is causing the pain. Take the risk, follow that hunger, and yes – ignore my mind.

Option 1 is low risk and low reward.
Option 2 is high risk. And usually, the reward is access to power I didn’t have before.

OneTaste is an organization that fosters deeper connections, not only with the people in our lives, but most importantly, with ourselves. At OneTaste we practice and teach the art of Orgasmic Living, of which one of the many perks is learning to listen to your body, and converting your pain into power.