When I Knew I Liked OMing

by Marcus Ratnathicam  Jan 26, 2012

It definitely wasn’t the first stroke. There wasn’t any landmark moment in that stroke where my world first shrank to the point of contact between my finger and her clit and then instantly expanded to an infinite galaxy of sensation in my finger tip.

It wasn’t in my first OM at all - that private OM session where I OMed with a friend of my ex-girlfriend (who my ex-girlfriend recommended to me). That in itself was sufficiently shocking to keep me fully occupied with my other practice - breathing. Looking back, I am still surprised (and proud) that I stepped out on a limb like that.

Nope - it wasn’t in that first OM, or the second, or the third.

In fact - it didn’t even happen in an OM. It happened after my 5th or 6th OM. That morning I brought a small tangerine to have before I went home. There was a small bench outside her home, so before my bike ride I sat there and ate my tangerine. I peeled it and felt the subtle burn of acid on my finger tips. I saw mist spray from the tangerine as I peeled it. I put a wedge in my mouth and felt the flesh of the tangerine slip in between my lips, birthing from the skin.

In those moments I realized how alive my senses were – my smell, my touch, my sight, my taste. I’d never felt anything quite like that before. And the next thing to come to my mind was, I want to live like this, and I think OMing may be able to help with that.

OM is a practice that greatly enhances your senses and your sensitivity to the world around you. We call it a meditation because it literally slows you down, and has you paying attention to and feeling, the special details of life that you might normally rush past.