OM Report #13: Are you Tumesced? by Justine

by OneTaste Living Library  Jan 5, 2012

Are You Tumesced? Can you relate?nnI sure could (just ask my old co-workers!).nnTense? Agitated? Overwhelmed? Critical? It’s the way of the modern woman. We’re rushed and reactive. With all we have to live up to, not the least of which are our own expectations, it’s no wonder we feel like pulling our hair out.nnThe tensions of our lives build and build until we feel like we’re going to pop.nnIf you’re like me, you’ve probably developed some popping mechanisms. A glass of wine, or 3, at the end of the day. A lunch break at Bloomingdales. A raging fight with your husband (not the smartest). A pounding workout at the gym (smarter). Or my used-to-be best friend, the vibrator. You’ve got to do something with all that pent up energy, right?nnYes. Yes, you do. Only, the best thing to do may not be what you think.nnThat state of tension you’re feeling is called tumescence. You can feel it as heightened energy in the body, pressure in the mind, tension between two people and... swelling in the genitals. That’s right, the genitals. The same energy that amps up all around you is the one that provokes your orgasmic arousal.nnNext time you feel like letting someone have it - be it the sloppy driver who doesn’t signal or your yelping dog - drop your attention into your genitals and check out what’s happening. Chances are they are hot, pulsing... alive.nnYou may wonder, “Why does this matter? When I’m on the edge of my tether the last thing I care about is sex”. Well, I’m suggesting it may be the first thing you should care about. You’re bursting with raw potent energy. Why not use it to fuel something great? At this point, you may be picturing a wild fuck on the kitchen counter, but that’s not what I’m talking about.nnWhile a good fuck may calm you down and relieve the terribly agitating undercurrent, it won’t actually fuel your life. What we’re aiming for is not calm, but conversion. Rather than stamping out tumescence, our practice becomes opening to it, feeling it and turning it into orgasm - energy for life.nnWhat better way to do that but with OM? Through slow, subtle attention to the sensation in our bodies, we learn to expand and include the higher range of experience - tension, heat and pressure - and in it find our pleasure. Stroke by stroke, you can carry that same reception into your life. Feeling any circumstance or emotion and converting it into pure, hot, electric sensation.nnSo the next time you’re about to lose it - stop, drop in, and roll with the feeling. OM will show you how.