OM Report #7: The Orgasmic Dictionary by Kim

by OneTaste Living Library  Dec 23, 2011

Orgasmic Dictionary
nThe other day I was watching a show about American Dialects. It was fascinating! (Yes, OK I am a nerd.) They were discussing how in the same language, words and phrases might mean entirely different things depending upon where you are, or who you are with. Because dialects can be geographical or socially specific, you may have experienced this... If you want a clear, carbonated beverage, depending upon where you are you might ask for a clear soda, a sprite coke, or a pop. Those are geographically based differences. Geographical differences tend to stay place specific.nnThat is not true of social group created languages-nThe skater culture in California is a great example of a culture or social group creating a dialect that grows beyond its boundaries. They took words we already use and reshaped them to their purposes. And now they are part of the larger lexicon- Ever heard someone say Stoked or Dude or Sketchy? Thank a Skater.nnI’ve noticed there is a bit of dialect specific to the Orgasmic Life: A life based in desire, sensation and flow*. I thought it might be helpful to give you a bit of a primer before entering into this world- So here are some new uses of words you may already know in a different context, now Orgasmically re-purposed:nn nnFlow: The traditional definition of flow (as a noun):The action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream. And that is actually what we mean- but taken a bit further. Flow can be something viscerally experienced. Not in the cliched, “Go with the flow, man” but in terms of something with far more agency- that flow can be a state internally created; a sort of energetic momentum that keeps itself at optimal capacity.nnOrgasm: The generally understood definition is synonymous with climax. This is not exactly how we mean it. When we say Orgasm, we are referring to being in a state where your nervous system takes over. When the hair starts to stand up on your body, your heart rate speeds up, and your tissues swell. Orgasm is a state of extreme turn on. You may have noticed an upswing (no pun intended) in the use of this word. Its not unusual these days to hear the word orgasmic used in conversation. It’s even less unusual in my life.nnTurn-on: OK, we know. This might remind you of cheesy ’70’s pick up language. That’s not how we mean it. Think turn-on being what happens when all your lights come on. It’s the state of being aware, awake and feeling your body.nnTumescence: In the standard dictionary this word is defined as: readiness for sexual activity marked especially by vascular congestion of the sex organs; swelling. In Orgasmic parlance, this can mean more than that; it refers to the bigger picture that you can be “swollen” emotionally, not just physically. When you are experiencing extreme levels of annoyance and irritation- you may be tumesced, and an OM might be a very good idea.