Discovering 'More' in Sex though OM

by OneTaste Living Library  Dec 21, 2011

In Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm, the founder of OneTaste Nicole Daedone writes, 'Let's be honest. When they first find me, most of my students aren't looking for a sexual meditation practice. What they are looking for is better sex. More sex, for starters, but also more depth, more connection, and more orgasmic sensation is the sex they're already having.'nnWhether you're single or you're in a committed relationship of 20 years, or somewhere in between, you probably want 'more' in sex. OM is one way to deepen your sex. OM changes the way we savor sensation. The practice of OM consists of lightly stroking the clit for 15 minutes. A subtle stroke to the clit can bring out shudders of sensation throughout a woman's body. The stroker receives magnified sensation through his or her finger, transmitted to his or her own body. For both partners, the body becomes more exquisitely attuned to sensation.nnThere is no one formula for how OM will change your sex life, and each person and each couple are unique. After practicing OM for months, you may notice that your body quivers more when your partner lies on top of you. You may find yourself paying more attention to a simple kiss on the nape of the neck. You may find yourself lavishing your partner with slow, focused attention and be more in the moment, simply feeling more. In general, OM teaches you to slow down, focus, and enjoy—and that less pressure equals more sensation.nnOM also teaches that sex is no longer about the goal of reaching climax. It's more about savoring every sensation along the way. With the goal of orgasm no longer hijacking the sexual act, couples who practice OM are more free to explore the ways that sex can fill us up with energy (rather than deplete them, a la la petite morte, the little death, of conventional orgasm).nnOM can show us another path toward getting filled up in sex. When you are not looking at a straight shot toward sexual climax, you get to see the many peaks and vistas long a more creative, open sexual path. That sensation of being filled with sexual desire that keeps you feeling alive inside and outside the bedroom. Isn't that true satisfaction in sex?