OM Report #4: When good enough wasn’t by Kim

by OneTaste Living Library  Dec 20, 2011

Once upon a time, my life was stuck in Ok-ville.nnI had an OK life. I had less money than I wanted, but enough to survive. The job I had desperately wanted wasn’t turning out to thrill me. I was more focused on the status quo in my relationship than really enjoying it. On my spiritual days, I told myself any unhappiness I had was just because I hadn’t learned to be grateful for all I had. On my less spiritual days, I thought it was because I didn’t earn enough money for Jimmy Choo’s, I wasn’t famous, or I needed a different boyfriend. That the extra weight I carried on my body was just a sign of my lack of will power. That my crappy sex life meant I needed some fancier lingerie and sex toys. That my constant tiredness meant I needed a vacation.nnAfter years and years of OK, I realized I wasn’t OK. I was, in fact, miserable. Something had to change.nnIt was at this time, a friend told me about OneTaste and OM. In an uncharacteristically decisive move, I called right away and signed up to learn.nnI began to OM.nnAnd felt something thawing. It was me. The me that I had hidden under all of my rationalizations and OK-ness.nSomething began to open. To expand. To fill the empty places inside of me.nIt was Orgasm.nnAnd I began to rethink... everything.nWhat if life could be Orgasmic?nCould I live like I OM?nIn service of my Orgasm.nUnapologetically.nAble to express what I want as I feel it.nTo communicate with my partner with approval and connection.nEmbracing my body as it is today, and with an eye to make it better because it feels good, not because that would make me more acceptable on the outside.nIn essence, to use OM as a corollary and trainer for my life.nTo OM to support my life, and to arrange my life to support me.nnAnd now I can say, I live an Orgasmic Life.