OM Report #1: In the Name of Love by Eli

by OneTaste Living Library  Dec 8, 2011
Eli Block

My name is Eli Block. I am an OM practitioner and a student of man/woman dynamics and behavior. I had the inspiration a while ago to do a comic strip based on the concept The things we do in the name of love, which was shortened to just In the Name of Love. Sometimes we are willing to go through a great deal in the name of love and for better or for worse we often learn something about ourselves in the process.

In this comic, Puppy is the dog about to be destroyed by the dragon. The premise is that his beloved, Kitters (a cat), is being held hostage by this dragon and needs her valiant pup to slay the dragon.

Puppy is your average devoted dog: Loyal, thrives with approval. He'll chase a ball anywhere if it means proving his loyalty and love to his sweetheart, Kitters. You'll know Puppy because he's the one with dynamite strapped to his chest, his heart on his sleeve and a smile on his face. He's fearless, but he has one weakness, the cat he loves. His motto is Anything for my cat. To me, Puppy represents the archetypical male savior. He fights Kitters' battles out of love but always gets his butt kicked in the process. He fights pirates, dragons, and firing squads all in the name of love. The best (or worst) part about him is that he never hits bottom. He is eternally coming back for more.

Kitters is Puppy's counterpart. She didn't make it in this comic but Puppy wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for her. She is an energetic housecat with a penchant for getting herself into sticky situations. She represents the archetype of the damsel in distress who advertises that she needs saving, but with a flick of her wrist could solve any of of her problems on her own. She loves her Puppy more than he'll ever know yet she shows it by torturing him with love and devastation. When Kitters is arrested, she knows who to call to bail her out. She has been known to hide up a tree of razor sharp bark and get herself conveniently kidnapped. She knows that Puppy will always come running. When he skins his knee, she's there to help him get back to play with the peroxide and a little kiss on the wound.