Turning On in Mid-Life

by OneTaste Living Library  Nov 11, 2011

Tracy Stephens

Tracy Stephens, 49, wants to be known as a turned-on woman. For a long time, she feared that the light of her sexuality had gone out. Here’s her story of turning-on during her forties through OM (Orgasmic Meditation).

“I began an awakening process around sexuality in the middle of my life. There was a time over the last 10 years when I thought my sexuality was waning. My desire for sex and my ability to have heightened turn-on was going away. My doctor said it’s very possible that’s true.

That was absolutely not true. My turn-on got re-lit up through the practice of orgasmic meditation (OM). I discovered this whole new sexuality that is so cool because it is more real, comfortable, in tune, alive, with more sensation.

Through the practice of OM, everything opened up for me. Orgasm now means something entirely different and it’s very expansive. As a turned-on woman by choice, I can carry the orgasm into all parts of my life. It’s a sense of aliveness I call orgasm.

For me, a turned-on woman is authentic, vibrant. She is unafraid to express all of who she is. She is engaging. With people, sensation, life, the next moment, sadness, and beauty.

What helps me to tap into my turned-on self? The first thing that comes to mind is self-awareness around my fears. When I notice fear in myself that becomes an opportunity. When I feel a fear, I sometimes close my eyes to breathe into myself and sensations I am feeling: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The breath out becomes where I reengage. I also fuel my turn-on with my meditation practice. I say meditation broadly: OM, spending time at the river listening and being with nature, guided meditation on a CD, reading, writing.

I read the Turned-On Woman's Manifesto on a regular basis to touch into the parts that speak to me on a given day. I look at the parts of my life where I can move further into that lifestyle.

Engaging in a dialogue about sexuality is another way. There’s a small group of us in Auburn, the town where I live, that dialogues about sexuality. It’s easy to ruffle feathers about sex here. There’s a billboard for a tanning salon with a woman in a bikini and cowboy boots and someone put a tarp over it and said, No Porn in our Neighborhood. At first I thought, Oh my god. And then I thought what a great opportunity for dialogue about sex and orgasm and what makes us feel fully alive.”