Orgasm on Top of my To-Do List

by OneTaste Living Library  Nov 9, 2011

Recently I wrote “orgasm” at the top of my to-do list. It seems like a strange place to write “orgasm” on top of more typical dry items like “deposit check” and “buy toilet paper.” I like to write myself reminders to OM. Otherwise orgasm can fall down in my priorities. Actually orgasm should be at the top of the list.nI let my orgasm practice slip last week. It's been more than five days since I have OMed. Falling out of my OM practice is like falling out of my yoga practice. After a few days, I resist and don't feel like making time for it, even though I know that OM is one of the most nourishing, otherworldly experiences in my life.nnWhen I OM, I feel hydrated and energized. An orgasm should be at the top of my to-do list if I step back and think about my life. Pleasure! Nourishment! A time for my clit to be stroked! Yes, I want that!nnOnce I write “orgasm” down, I ask my partner to OM. Unlike yoga, OM is a partner activity and I can't do it alone. There is always a little fear inside of me that he will think I am being selfish or will say no, even though we both benefit when we take 15 simple minutes for him to stroke me. We both feel the orgasm—it's incredible how much he can feel through his finger—and it connects us. We have experienced increased intimacy and sensation in our sex life since we starting our OM practice. He feels more energized after OMing.nWe put many things ahead of orgasm: whether it's responding to endless email or jogging, there is always more to be done. There are always more things to do on the list to validate our “productive” existences.nI put OM on my list to remind myself to prioritize pleasure.nnIronically, I'm better equipped to deal with the rest of my list with all the energy OM-ing gives me. Having one experience of pleasure makes me want the rest of my life to be pleasurable. Practicing OM with my partner makes me feel more desirous of good stuff in my life that leads me to doing the things I want most to do. The rest of my to-do list only gets better with “orgasm” at the top.nnby Maria