Do Our Bodies Need Orgasm?

by OneTaste Living Library  Nov 2, 2011

Do women’s bodies need regular orgasm to thrive? Maybe even more than we thought.nnThis summer, Dr. Sara Gottfriend visited our Orgasm Pop-Up shop to do an interactive lecture called “Orgasm Is Vital.” Dr. Sara Gottfried is a Harvard-trained integrative gynecologist who specializes in helping women return to their natural vitality through hormone balancing.nnDr. Gottfried believes we have “an epidemic of low vitality in our culture, especially among women.” Low energy is the number one complaint in her medical practice.nnShe’s looked at all the research surrounding orgasm’s effect on hormones, especially the adrenals, thyroid, cortisol, and oxytocin. She believes regular orgasm is vital for women’s health and it can help many women with insomnia, weight gain, and mood and even with serious health problems like low bone density and osteoporosis.nnDr. Gottfried told us, “The more I learn about OM and managing oxytocin, the more I am moving away from pharmaceuticals, which I think is a beautiful thing.”nnHere are some key takeaways from Sara’s fascinating talk.nnRegular orgasm lowers high cortisol. Chronically overstressed women pump out too much cortisol, causing mood swings and insomnia. Regular orgasm is a natural way to reduce cortisol, evening out mood and improving sleep quality.nnWomen who have regular orgasm have more efficient thyroid function. Your thyroid regulates your metabolism and growth. As women age, the thyroid gets more sluggish. Regular orgasms can make the thyroid more efficient and have a significant impact on your weight, sleep, mood, and even heart rhythm.nnRegular orgasm releases oxytocin. Oxytocin is the love and bonding hormone. Low levels of oxytocin are associated with poor mood, postpartum disorder, and osteoporosis. Regular orgasm releases oxytocin which has a variety of benefits: not only does oxytocin improve mood, it can even help build bone density and help to guard the body against osteoporosis.nnCheck out the videos (parts one through four on YouTube will give you the whole captivating talk).nnnnHere’s to your orgasm, and here’s to your health