What’s In It for Men?

by OneTaste Living Library  Oct 29, 2011

Glen Nielsen

When Glen Nielsen, 50, first came to OneTaste to explore OM (orgasmic meditation), he stepped up to the microphone to ask, “What’s in it for me?” In other words, what’s in it for the guys?

Since the focus in OM is on a stroker (often a man) stroking a clitoris (always a woman), he naturally wanted to know what he would get out of it.

A year in his practice, we checked back in with Glen to find out what he has gotten out of OM. Here’s what he reports -

A sensation of calmness and aliveness
“As a man, if you focus on the meditative part of OM, you get direct access to a calm nervous system. As I started to OM, my system calmed down. I could feel the energy. The aliveness. The sensations. My body was attuning to an feeling that is hard to describe. There’s a stillness that comes over my body and a feeling of being alive.”

More awareness in all relationships
“OM teaches you how to connect with another person, moment to moment. I have become more aware in every relationship. If I’m not feeling connected with someone, I can feel it. In the past I just overrode that. Now I stop and look at the other person and ask, what’s going on? I tune into myself and can name it, and next thing you know, there is a deepening of the relationship.”

A deeper connection to nature
“One thing that surprised me is that my body is feeling the elements much more. Watching sunsets and the awe of it. Driving down the streets and looking at trees. Sunrises. Feeling the air on my skin. I am much more attuned to nature. I’ll pull my car over sometimes to soak it up. If I see an amazing sunset, it’s a feeling of nothing else matters, it’s as good as it gets.”

Being with a turned-on woman
“My partner Sara is a liberated woman who embraces the OM practice. There’s so much more room in the relationship to be who I am authentically. While our culture is designed around titillation for guys, in my experience with a turned-on woman, I’ve learned that women want sex way more than guys do. The amount of sexual energy that women have when they are turned on blows me away. It’s the life force. The female orgasm is powerful.”