Truth is the Ultimate Turn-on

by OneTaste Living Library  Oct 19, 2011

Let’s say that you want to try OM. But you don’t tell your partner because you think he won’t be interested. How can you be natural and be your full playful self if you have a desire that you are omitting?nnSound familiar? It takes courage to share our personal truths. Yet, when we don’t share our truths, we stunt our relationships. Not sharing the whole truth can be a form of lying.nWhen you omit or lie, you sabotage the relationship. You can't trust because the other person is operating according to a falsehood (they are in essence delusional). So you withdraw.nnTelling the truth often leads to a deeper connection between two people. It creates for the possibility of negotiation between two people based on their true desires, as opposed to silence that isnfloating above unexpressed resentments. Resentment flows from unexpressed needs.nnHere at OneTaste, we think that sharing the truth is the ultimate turn-on. Truth carries the most charge. It turns up the heat in the room. Truth has the greatest potential for play. Now that you bothnknow what you are dealing with, you can play with real desires and negotiate—and have fun.nnThe desire to OM is just one of many personal truths that can be hard to share. We hold back on many fronts all the time, with our partners, friends, family, colleagues, and everywhere. So today we ask you how you can be more honest to increase the turn-on in your life.nnAsk yourself:n

  • What have I omitted recently? What relationship could be closer if I tell my full truth? Take the time and a deep breath. And be honest.
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  • In what ways have you not been fully honest with yourself? Take a page of your journal and write about what you really want. In your sex life. And in your life.
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nTry it out and let us know how it goes. Leave us a truthful comment. We want to hear your truth.