Losing my OM Virginity

by Jo Michele  Aug 10, 2011

Pop my cherry

There were three of us in the room. The coach, my partner and I (who had difficulty relaxing for my very first OM). Had I anxiously built expectation up? What if I OM wrong? Does my pussy look pretty? Will I connect with my partner? When I teach fitness, I have to remind my students to breathe when they are in deep stretches… now it was my turn to forget my breath and have the coach remind me.

The first few minutes of the OM I didn't feel ANYTHING. Nada. But 'Oh gosh, I suck at OM'… actually didn't register in my head at all. I know my body, so I thought to myself, 'it's going to like this, just be patient body!' The coach asked if I wanted my partner to give more pressure in his stroke. Under normal circumstances (the bedroom) I would jump and say YES! But this was completely different than anything sexual I had ever experienced and I believed in the process. So I said, 'No, I want to stay with this soft stroke and have faith in it'. About five minutes in, oh so slowly, I began to tingle and feel a bubbling on my clitoris. The little bubbling forced my clitoris to take notice… like a little tap at the door waking me up. I felt happy… it was sensation, however small.

The longer my partner stroked my clitoris, the more the sensation built. It intensified with every minute and at ten minutes in my clitoris was fully responding and wanting more and more. Not only did the sensations keep growing, they took on new dimensions of feeling in shape, space and time. The time span between ten and fifteen minutes seemed to go on forever… I got lost in my clit the way a painter gets lost in a painting and loses track of time.

What shocked me the most were the variety of feelings I felt. It was like a kaliedescope of sensation in my body, morphing from one to the next. One moment my clitoris felt like hot, melted, dripping liquid that my partner was stirring in a circle with his finger. Next my clitoris felt like it was a tongue and his finger was another tongue; it was as if two excited tongues were completely tangled and intertwined in a pleasure-filled erotic and insatiable kiss. The most powerful sensation was the feeling of my clitoris growing and lengthening to the point where it felt inches long! The peak of the fifteen minutes came when my clitoris was in this fast growing state. It felt as if it were a vine growing rapidly around a trellis. The trellis was his finger and my clitoris was reaching, climbing, clinging, and squeezing its way to a pinnacle of deep, deep pleasure that I have never felt before. With every curl of this vine wrapping sensation I was in a deep state of euphoria that I did not want to end… I felt the desire to stay right there on that vine, buy property and call it home. Om, Sweet, Om!

I feel it is important to make the distinction between having a partner fondle your clitoris during sex. Because the stroke is softer, because it lasts longer than say the 3 or 4 minutes your partner may suck your clitoris before moving on to something else. Because of the special attention that is paid strictly to the clitoris: the stroke, the time, the attention… all of that which allows the clit to blossom into a brand new realm of female sexual experience.