What if I don’t have a partner?

by OneTaste Living Library  Jul 6, 2011

It’s the place most singles get stuck. OM practice requires a partner, and I don’t have one. Why can’t I do it alone?

It’s a sensitive topic. We women can do just about anything, right? We can scale mountains and run board meetings and get home in time to throw a dinner party for eight. You’re saying we can’t do this Orgasmic Meditation thing without a man?

Well, kind of. You can’t do it without a partner. Your partner can be either a man or a woman, your choice. But a partner is required.

A woman just cannot experience the expanded, female variety of orgasm by herself. Neither can a man, for that matter. Because the key ingredient to this kind of orgasm is that it takes you out of control.

Being out of control is the thing we crave most. It is the experience of orgasm. That’s why we enjoy climax: for one split second, we are taken out of the driver’s seat. We lose ourselves, quite literally, in sensation.

But like you can’t tickle yourself, you cannot take yourself out of your own volition. So yes, you need a partner. And you can find one. After all, an OM partner can be anyone you know, like, and trust.