What do you mean sensation?

by OneTaste Living Library  Jul 6, 2011

Glass scuplture

You came here for a reason. Something brought you to this site. And we’re not talking about a link from Facebook. Something else drew you. More elemental.

A feeling, a whisper, a secret.

Don’t be surprised if it’s hard to articulate. Orgasm is allergic to language. But you must try. You must articulate the thing you are drawn by or else you will lose track of what you want.nnIn OM, we start off easy. We start with sensations. A sensation is something you feel. In your body. It might be temperature … location … vibration. It might seem sexy or it might not. But it’s easy to talk about, because it’s specific.

A couple examples -

There was a moment when you stroked up and I felt a burst of heat that traveled up through my abdomen and radiated out my chest.


There was a moment when you did a light, smooth stroke on the left side of my clit and chills crept up my chest and over my entire scalp.

Don’t see the point? Don’t worry. You’re just getting started. Trust us: we’re the experts. Sharing a frame with your partner after an OM will become magical. You’ll see.

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