Shhh… I’ve got a Secret

by OneTaste Living Library  Jul 6, 2011

Classified top secret

How do you know if your relationship is heading toward a steep demise? There’s just one secret you need to remember.

The first one.

The first one you didn’t tell your partner. The first one you pushed away and told yourself was too small, or too threatening, or not worth owning up to. The one you shoved under the carpet. Yes, that one. That’s the one that’s killing your relationship.

Maybe it happened the first time you met her. Maybe it was on your wedding night. But that secret was the first brick. One secret leads to another, and soon the wall between you and the one you love is too high to get over. You start to forget what it feels like to be close. Intimacy seems nearly impossible.

You may think there’s nothing powerful enough to take down that wall, but there is. Honesty. Full disclosure of every secret, especially the ones you can’t imagine being honest about. The co-worker you have a crush on. (It’s not a character flaw, we all get crushes.) How much you really spent when you were out shopping with the girls. If you think your relationship is too fragile to handle the truth, that’s a sign that more honesty is needed.

We don’t promise your relationship will remain intact—things will shift and change. But we promise it will come alive again.