Orgasm Replacement Therapy

by OneTaste Living Library  Jul 6, 2011

Shopping to compensate for lack of orgasmShopping has become the modern woman’s sexual replacement therapy. What we really want is a particular sensation, a memory of something we once tasted but then lost, a dream we don’t dare hope is possible.

The orgasm that rose from deep within and touched us at a very young age. It would quench our thirst, we knew it, but we haven’t tasted it in such a long, long time. So we settle for the symbols of life and abundance and happiness. We try to buy the sensation we can’t seem to get any other way.

Shoes, handbags, cosmetics. Cars, houses, fancy vacations. Maybe your flavor is hundred-dollar yoga pants, spiritual retreats, self-help books. Or maybe it’s chocolate, ice cream, red wine. Whatever it is, it doesn’t work. Not for long, anyway. What you’re craving can’t be touched by these things. It can only be touched through orgasm. OM feeds the hunger. It carves out a space for enjoyment and pleasure.

It cultivates that sensation that rises up from the pussy and quenches all your thirsts. Make an initial investment of 3-5 OMs a week for six weeks. You’ll get the thing you’ve been looking for—without so much as a swipe of the credit card. What’s your favorite sexual replacement therapy?