Orgasm is more than climax

by OneTaste Living Library  Jul 6, 2011

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When we talk about orgasm, we’re not talking about sex. Yes, there’s a difference. Sex is the only thing we’ve been taught to use orgasm for, but it’s not the only use. And climax is the only kind of orgasm we’ve been taught to recognize, but it’s not the only meaning of the word “orgasm.”

Reducing orgasm to sex and climax is like saying sunlight is only good for getting a tan. It’s great for that, sure, but it has so many other purposes.

It can provide energy, nourish plants, warm the skin, and even help your body generate Vitamin D. Orgasm is the same way. Orgasm is a feeling in your body that rises and falls whenever you feel absorbed in connection with another person. In some particular circumstances it results in a climax.

But there are many other ways to feel it. It can be a tingle, a shiver, a wave of heat. It may feel like an opening in your chest, a cold chill across your belly, a feathery tickle on the soles of your feet. This kind of orgasm is not just good for climax—it energizes you, makes you feel alive, increases sexual desire, generates feelings of intimacy with your partner and the world. It encourages creativity and reduces irritability.

It increases your capacity for work, family, and purpose because when you feel good, you feel like you can do anything. The more orgasm you have in your body, the more full you feel. The more full you feel, the more enjoyment you get out of everything you do.nIncluding sex. But not limited to it. Learn how to get more of this kind of orgasm.