More Pema Chodron than Pamela Anderson

by OneTaste Living Library  Jul 6, 2011

Heart symbol vs. heart organ

Let’s be honest: we don’t really fit in. A company that’s redefining orgasm from a woman’s perspective? That’s not something you hear about every day.

So most people try to make sense of us by putting us into a category. Mostly, we end up in the “sex” category. The problem is, we’re not about sex. We’re about orgasm. It’s a whole different game.

Orgasm isn’t not about sex toys, fancy positions, or porn. (Some of us like those things — who doesn’t? — but that’s not what orgasm is about). It’s not about wearing lacy underwear or lighting candles or buying scented massage oils.

That’s why OM is more like meditation than it is like sex. More Pema Chödrön than Pamela Anderson. It’s all about getting back to basics. First, you’ll unlearn everything you thought you knew about orgasm. Starting with its definition. Then you’ll identify and pay attention to what you feel in your body. That’s how you get to know this new kind of orgasm. Finally you’ll learn how to give your orgasm just what it’s asking for.

All of these lessons happen naturally when you start to OM.