Break the Rules of the Orgasm You Know

by OneTaste Living Library  Jul 6, 2011

Heart fireworksLet’s get one thing clear. When we talk about orgasm at OneTaste, we’re not talking about climax. We’re not talking about a lightning-fast release, a crotch-sneeze, a flash in the pan. We’re talking about a whole different dimension of orgasm.

It’s orgasm, expanded. A solitary event becomes a state you can live in. Like happiness or presence, you can live in orgasm.

All it takes is losing yourself in sensation. The sensation of the genitals, specifically. Suddenly something bigger than you can run through you. Suddenly, you’re in the flow.

This kind of orgasm plays by a whole different set of rules. Whereas conventional orgasm says more is better, OM is about feeling the sensation that’s here right now. When conventional orgasm says you can’t go too fast or too hard, OM says increase attention rather than pressure. Conventional orgasm expects an erection; OM has no expectations at all. And whereas regular orgasm has climax as a goal, OM is a goalless practice.

“An” orgasm will get you the ordinary. A release, some momentary pleasure. Orgasm through OM will get you the extraordinary: an experience of being filled up. Access to unimagined connection and intimacy. And turn-on that can last a lifetime.

Which kind of orgasm do you want? Have you ever experienced orgasm as a state of being?