A Guide to Real Orgasm

by OneTaste Living Library  Jul 6, 2011

Quick: Take this quiz. Orgasm is…

  • a. The goal of most sexual encounters
  • b. A signal that a sexual experience has ended
  • c. An immersion into the involuntary that happens when you concentrate your attention on the genitals

If you answered (a) or (b) [or both (a) and (b)] you’re talking about the conventional definition of orgasm. Call it “climax” or “going over” or “coming.” The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when it comes to sex.

There are a lot of people who can teach you about that version of orgasm. We’re not those people.

We’re the people who teach you about answer (c).

When we talk about OM or Orgasmic Meditation, we’re talking about a different definition of orgasm. Orgasm that has way more range. That may or may not include climax. Orgasm that turns you on, fills you up, and never has to end. It could last all night, all week, or your whole life. The only limitation is how much attention you’re willing to give it.

Hard to believe? You kind of just have to try it. Like yoga. Someone can talk about how transformative it is to do a sun salutation, but from the outside it just looks like stretching. From the outside, OM looks like some unusual version of third base. It looks like a guy stroking a woman’s genitals for fifteen minutes. Nothing to write home about.

But you can’t see electricity, either. OM is like that. Just try it and see if it doesn’t turn the lights on.

What is your definition of orgasm?