From social anxiety to feeling fully comfortable in herself... Watch Corrie's I OM video.... watch

The logical brain dominates our society today. Our brain can be divided into two halves. One half the logical half, the other half the feeling side. For the past few centuries the logical half of the brain has been exalted more and more. This hasn’t been without its profits. Indu... read

I've always enjoyed hearing Bill Gates speak, he has an economy with words. In the opinion piece he wrote as TIME magazine’s first-ever guest editor titled, "Bill Gates: Why I Decided To Edit an Issue of TIME", I was struck... read

Oftentimes, clinical psychology provides us insights from the extremes of dysfunction, that inform our understanding of the mind outside of dysfunction. Yesterday, the Daily Telegraph published an article describing the research of Professor Digby Tantam

Everyday Health did a Special Report on the State of Women's Wellness in 2017. It's based on a survey of 3,000 American women and, as they say, "the picture is much more complex and more layered than we think." T... read

Today the Harvard Business Review published an article on "Why We Should Be Disagreeing More at Work". It echos something we say at OneTaste which is, “stay connected”. In the workplace we stay connected even if... read

Austin Ayer talks intimacy and practice in this I OM video. ... watch

Kenan Wang discusses the nuances of upstrokes and downstrokes in this How To video. ... watch

New York-based OM practitioner and creative director Christine shares the story of her journey through sexuality. She says "I didn’t want anyone to know that I loved sex. To come out as a woman that way. There's a lot of shame that comes up. I was celibate for 5 years. I’m willin... watch

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