Becoming Woman

Us women are given so many templates for who we should be in the world. Do they fit?

Madonna. Whore. Lean in executive. Caretaker. Nurturer. Provider.

We can’t find deep, residing joy in any. At least for long. And not because they are wrong, but because they are all right.

We are all of them. And more.

We are the multitudes.

Becoming Woman is a primer in how we can each discover what it means to be Woman, on our own terms.

In this primer course, we explore four concepts in video classes, along with an art-inspired workbook to help you find who you are. You’ll get a sister guide, if you want, and you can join a community of women embarking on this same journey.

As a bonus, you’ll receive an illustrated mini-book written by the instructor, Nicole Daedone, titled: On Power & Sovereignty.

“What do I want?” is the most difficult question a woman will ever ask herself.

You are the artist of your own life, and the world is waiting for your touch to awaken and draw out what it wants to bring forth. Life needs you. It’s a bold way to think about living, and it’s how you are meant to be.


Eros, the awakening to the pervasive intimacy of erotic love, is the fuel and the connective force that guides us into manifesting who we really are. 

Imagine going through a day bursting with self-approval rather than self-loathing; embracing life’s ups and downs as though each event were a long-lost child; maintaining a steady understanding of our own and others’ humanity; buoyed by a sense of infinite possibility; alert and alive to every sensation. This is what the awakening of Eros has waiting for you.

There is no right or wrong way to approach this journey. Watch the videos, read the book, consider the questions in the workbook. Spend as much times, or as little, as you please. What matters is what you find nourishing. Keep a journal nearby. You’ll have plenty of questions to ask yourself later.

The agreement you make is not that you will swallow these lessons whole and adopt yet another set of rules to follow. The agreement is that you’ll go in and wrestle out what the truth is for you, in order to claim your strength and cultivate your deep spiritual power. There is no right way to start other than to dive in and begin digesting what you can chew. Savor every morsel. Enjoy.

A womans power is her desire.

Key Principles to Learn

  1. Eros: This is a central theme in my work, and it refers to the life force or innate desire that drives us. It’s about embracing our sexuality and using it as a source of power, connection, and personal liberation.
  2. Sovereignty: Reclaiming our power and autonomy, particularly in a world that often seeks to suppress or control women’s desire and sexuality. It involves recognizing our worth and developing our own unique world view.
  3. Going Beneath Appearances: This concept encourages us to look beyond societal expectations and norms to discover our true selves. It’s about dismantling the constructs that limit us and finding authenticity.
  4. The Near Enemies of Womanhood: These are the false substitutes that can masquerade as genuine qualities. For instance, “attention seeking” can be a near enemy of a true “call”, or “scarcity” can be a near enemy of “surplus”. 
  5. Turning On: This is about activating our innate power and desire, and using these to fuel our lives and relationships.


Pain Points

We work too much. We care too much. We talk too much. We eat too much. We drink too much. We try everything but can’t seem to land in our own skin.

1. Inner division: conflict between multiple parts of ourselves wanting to be good and wanting to do what we want

2. Pressure and tension: Women who repress their desire often feel pressure and tension. They constantly feel pressured into doing things they don’t want to do.

3. Repression and denial: Women often have to confront the fact that they were told their desires were evil. This repression and denial of their true selves can cause a lot of pain and suffering.

4. Lack of sexual energy: We’ve adopted the idea that sex is the cause of pain and virtue the cure. This lack of sexual energy often leads to feelings of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment.

5. Women taking down women: Women often face the pain of envy and competition from other women, which can be destructive and disempowering

About The Author

Author Nicole Daedone has worked with over 30,000 people helping to answer this simple but difficult question, “What do I want?” She’s an author, teacher, writer, artist, and woman.

Start Your Journey

Included in Your Purchase is:

  • The Desire Contract, a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated 90 page workbook on re-igniting your relationship to your desire
  • Sister community call: 60-minute zoom call with fellow women exploring their desire
  • Letter from the Author to women, (italics) On Power & Sovereignty
  • The Women’s Course, free course video and audio modules, plus a discount code if you want more
  • $1 from your purchase goes directly to supporting incarcerated
    women (see below)

*$1 of Your Purchase Will Go To Providing Resources To Women Incarcerated to Discover Their Inner Voice. When you sign up. we send $1 to our partners at Unconditional Freedom, who work with women behind bars to find their voice. Unconditional freedom has worked wit prison residents since 2020 in over 150 institutions nation-wide to offer meditation, yoga, and an 8-week journey guided by trained volunteers.

To Help Deepen Your Experience

Letter From the Author on Power and Sovereignty

This letter was written by Nicole Daedone, author of the Desire Contract, as a call for women to develop their own independent voice. She says “to have a mind of one’s own is the great endeavor and great mystery of our time, and one, I would suggest, we have not yet begun to commence and thus remains unsolved.

“Desire Contract” Group Zoom | June 15, 2023
Join a live zoom with 3 women who talk about how despite seemingly successful lives they struggled to full fulfilled, then embarked on this journey to answering this most challenging question. “What do I want?”

“The desire contract brought me back into intimacy with my desire and the truth of myself and my hunger for all things, my hunger for life.”
– Courtney

“What I had thought would take me a lifetime to get anywhere near, I had turned into my daily life. The Desire Contract is a truly powerful tool that changed the course of my life.” – Courtenay