Hi, OM Family!

We have an announcement, and we want to share it here first.

As you know, new ownership took over OneTaste in summer 2017 and is continuing to focus on making the practice of OM more widely accessible and affordable. Since that time, we have transformed the structure of the organization and our business model to match that goal.

One big change is that we will no longer rely on physical locations to teach the practice and everything it involves. The locally owned and operated OneTaste affiliates – the centers in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco – have decided to close their doors. We’re really grateful for their dedication and love of OM. It’s the start of a new chapter.

Another big change – and our focus for the future – is to bring the world of Orgasmic Meditation (OM) online for a global audience, far beyond physical locations. Stay tuned for more on this.

Since its founding, OneTaste has aimed to spread awareness worldwide about Orgasmic Meditation. We remain committed to increasing health, happiness, and human connection through scientifically-proven methods combining mindfulness with sexuality. Our mission remains the same, and we’re hard at work to develop our online offerings and to build a better company for our customers and employees.

If you have any questions about completing courses that are already in progress, please reach out to the locally owned affiliate. We’re always available for any of your questions. 

Here’s to a new beginning!
The OneTaste Team