A Letter From OneTaste Owners

Owners of Onetaste, Anjuli Ayer, Amanda Dunham, and Austin Ayer

OneTaste Owners: Anjuli Ayer, Amanda Dunham, Austin Ayer

June 6, 2023

Dear Friends,

OneTaste founder Nicole Daedone and former sales director Rachel Cherwitz were indicted on Tuesday, June 6 by the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) on unfounded allegations of forced labor. Given OneTaste’s culture of empowerment, choice, and consent, this is both inconsistent with our core values and utterly unjustified. Five years ago, the FBI began an investigation into OneTaste that was wholly based on an error-riddled Bloomberg Businessweek article that contained false, and since-debunked, accusations of harm and wrongdoing. The EDNY subsequently followed through, basing their work on the Bloomberg Businessweek piece and relying upon reporting from other copycat media stories, culminating in the indictments that were just unsealed. We have cooperated with the EDNY throughout the investigation. We are appalled by the outcome of what seems to be a long-term, misogynistic endeavor designed to tear down a feminine empowerment project and the women who built it.

OneTaste is a women-led organization that has devoted itself to wellness, healing, inclusion, personal growth, and has always had female empowerment at its core. The practice of Orgasmic Meditation (“OM”) has been misunderstood and maligned despite ever-expanding scientific evidence demonstrating its beneficial impact. OneTaste, under its current ownership, has strived to improve, listen to criticism, adjust, and evolve in ways that bring those myriad benefits to many more people. They practice OM on their own time and on their own terms. This is our continuing mission. We remain undeterred even as we commit to fully defend ourselves and the practice that has transformed our lives, in the face of a multi-year, media-instigated campaign.

Below you will find documentation that provides complete transparency with regard to our business. If you would like to discuss anything further, we welcome hearing from you at [email protected].

Stay tuned to this site for regular updates.


Anjuli, Amanda and Austin


“We are on the verge of creating a new society, one defined by connectivity and consciousness.”

“The sutras remind that love is the ultimate language and can manifest in many forms, from difficult experiences that help us grow, to desires that draw us into the unknown.”

“What if there were a template that could be used over and over to develop, deepen, and reveal the human soul?”

Ways to Learn About OM: Publishing and Online Education

Join the Eros Revolution: Download the Manifesto for Free​​

The defining work of a movement, The Age of Eros Manifesto outlines a philosophy that is desperately needed.

You can download a digital copy for free, or you can put this smart little book in your pocket by ordering the print edition here.  Published by Soulmaker Press.

A New Online Education Platform

The Eros Platform is an online community dedicated to Eros, where everything can be loved, welcome and faced profoundly.

Featuring live events, courses, and an extensive library of premium video content. 

The OM App: Connection and intimacy made simple​

Download the official “OM App” by The Institute of OM and get started with the partnered practice for improving mental and emotional health and developing a more intimate life. Now available in the App Store.

Results from 5 peer-reviewed studies conducted by independent universities and research organizations on OM

Findings include:
  • A large reduction of negative emotions and moderately higher positive emotions (Siegle and Prause, 2021) |  View article 
  • Increased brain signature associated in other meditation research with compassion and social bonding (Newberg, 2021)  | View article
  • Increased feelings of closeness between both partners (Siegle and Prause, 2021)
  • Access to mystical experience on par with a moderate dose of psilocybin, according to Johns Hopkins Mystical Experience Questionnaire MEQ test. | View Article
Research into Orgasmic Meditation is a rapidly growing field. Read a summary of current findings here.

“Early studies show that in only 15 minutes, OM can provide improved connection and closeness.”

—Dr. Nicole Prause


Nicole Daedone shares her experience of the past few years of living through negative media and the fast-growing science on OM and release of upcoming books.

“I found approval for what my body needed. I’m now a version of myself that would say what I wanted in the moment.”



OM Helped Me Feel Alive Again 

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War veteran and PTSD survivor Bob Sabado and his wife Michelle describe how OM helped to remove the layers of unfelt emotion and build a new level of connection with your partner.

Rachel’s Story: “I learned the language of the sensation.”

“Through OM, I learned the language of my body. I’ve developed a relationship with it and daily conversation with what it wants.”

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