The Intensive

Known as the Olympics of Orgasm, The Intensive is an extreme immersion in transformation. Under the guidance of Nicole Daedone and special guest teachers, participants experience the limitless possibilities of Orgasm and learn how to further integrate Desire into their lives.

The course is a deep dive into what would variously be called spiritual, sacred, alchemical, mystical, magical, or holy– and what we simply refer to as Orgasm.

The Intensive includes:

  • 7-day immersion in a private mansion with lodging, food and activities included
  • Daily coaching circles with Nicole Daedone during the immersion
  • Work with special guest teachers who are at the top of their field and integrate skills and tools for orgasmic living
  • Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions with a OneTaste coach once you sign up
  • Deep dive into practices with intimate training from Master trainers
  • Monthly dinners with OneTaste Members and other Intensive players
  • And much much more

  • September 17th - 24th
  • October 13th - 22nd
  • December 10th - 16th

If you’re curious but want to talk to a coach first about it, feel free to call us at +1 (800) 994-0041

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