We create a culture designed to reach peak states and stretch us far beyond what we thought possible.

Our Team

OneTaste is comprised of a team of people who have agreed to come together to bring Orgasm to the world. Rather than living a life according to a formula of what is guaranteed to make us successful, we live according to what feels right. Whether through a book launch, a video premiere, or a one-on-one conversation, we agree to do the things necessary to create flow and growth in all that we do.

Our Values

  • Our top goal of our business is to root everything in practice. What that means is having a well defined methodology with clear steps to take from initial entry all the way through awakening. To be at the forefront of creating World Class orgasm on the planet.
  • To create an environment where dedicated practitioners can live a financially sustainable life while continuing to be immersed in practice.
  • To offer exquisite attention to the abiding desire inside of each of our customers in such a way that the collective power of the group can be used for the realization of each person’s purpose.
  • To create a global movement and training ground where in the principles of unity, empathy, and connection can be fostered as means of change in the large cultural and political arena.
  • To create the industry of orgasm as an antidote to the unconscious and often corruptive practices now in existence. To act as both incubator and educator for people interested in changing the world by injecting it with grater consciousness. And to use all monies generated towards forwarding this end.
  • To create gradients of engagement from YouTube watcher to OneTaste tourist. From lay practitioners to deep monastic practitioners according to each individual’s desire.
  • To elevate through social proof and scientific backing and integration into other arena’s the practice of OM to the level of yoga and meditation.
  • To serve the world, have fun, and make a profit.
  • To codify the lineage and produce a library in both written and video form that makes accessible the path to anyone anywhere.
  • To have little understood aspects of the feminine and its myriad faces be revealed, understood, and revered. To eradicate the false notion of the feminine solely as docile, submissive, healing and gentle. But to show her in her full unrestrained power.
  • To give back what was given us.