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(Re)Defining Orgasm

(Re)Defining Orgasm

By Michelle W. When I came to OM & OneTaste and heard about a ‘new way of defining orgasm,’ I was relieved. My whole life I’d been going along thinking there was something wrong with me. That my pussy didn’t work right, that I wasn’t meant to get-off in sex; that I was resigned toContinue Reading

I am going through this thing with my husband by Rosa M.

I am going through this thing with my husband where I don’t want to have the same kind of sex we’ve been having. It’s like, we will be making love… He’s amazing at starting out slow and making it so I’m really wet and can’t wait to get fucking. And then we’re getting into itContinue Reading

Chocolate Cake & Climax

nnBy Ken B.nnWhen I was a kid, my mother would get our favorite cake for our birthday, whatever kind the birthday kid wanted. She’d either make it herself or order one special from the local bakery. My older brother’s favorite was always this one mocha cake. I still remember the flavor. It was a chocolateContinue Reading

Orgasm vs. Climax

Watch as OneTaste Coach and OM trainer Maya Gilbert explain the new definition of Orgasm. It is a game changer! nnnnnWith this new definition of orgasm, we’re redefining how women relate to their sexuality and bodies. Through OM and this new defintion of orgasm even women who thought they were anorgasmic begin to feel andContinue Reading

The Whisper

n n n By Amy J n I grew up in a deeply religious home in a practical, down to earth, sensible midwestern farm town. Religion and spirituality were ingrained into me from as early as I can remember. I tried to be a very good girl growing up, knowing that something inside of meContinue Reading

Generative vs. Depleting Sex

nnBy Nirmala N.nI can think back to a recent experience of being with my lover and relish the details as they unfold in my memory: he strums my clit as if I am a precious stringed instrument, hushed to an almost soundless vibrato, my musicality only known to him. He is a practiced virtuoso inContinue Reading

Sex After Sobriety

nn nnI got sober about 5 months after starting an OM practice. They say the age an addict starts using at, is the age at which they stunt their emotional maturity. When I heard that I understood, why after the superpowers of alcohol and drugs were stripped away, I went from feeling like I could handleContinue Reading

Orgasm as a Gateway to Women’s Intuition

nnBy Nirmala N. nnMost people, men and women, tend to get their best ideas at the most unexpected and strangely mundane of times: in the shower, on the toilet, after waking up from a night of dreamless slumber. Like a bolt out of the blue, our Eureka moments are rarely the result of hours ofContinue Reading

A Frame

nBy Rachel C. n I lay down and he sits beside me. The OM is smooth and bright. It feels as if this white sparkly light is permeating my entire body. With every stroke his finger dips deeper inside of me and I can feel this sweet golden honey seeping from my pores. As theContinue Reading

Want to be Nice to yourself? Get a practice!

nnBy Eli B. nnI played college lacrosse. One of the things I remember most about that time of my life, was going out every day for months and practicing during our season. If I missed a few shots or ground balls in practice it was no big deal. I’d be out again tomorrow and itContinue Reading