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OM Supplies

The Signature OM Kit

The OneTaste Signature OM Kit is an essential first step in setting up your Orgasmic Meditation practice at home. It contains everything you need to get started—nothing extra. 


OneStroke Lube

Regular & Coconut Blends: OMing takes a special kind of lube. Water and silicone based lubes are too slippery for stroking a woman. All-natural OneStroke Lube is designed specifically for OM and is our recommended partner for OM.

All Natural. Made with Orgasm


OneScrub — All Natural Salt Scrub

The OneTaste team has a secret. The perfect way to come down pleasurably — OneScrub. No matter what the day held, the morning is always more pleasurable when this is your night
time routine. Scrub with it in the shower, or soak with it in the tub. Come down Pleasurably.



Strokers Kit

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) requires supplies. Every stroker needs a strokers kit — complete with all the necessary ingredients for your OM. Be prepared, whether at home or on-the-go.
The Strokers Kit includes: 1 Strokers Bag, 1 OneStroke Lube (full-size), 3 OM Towels 3 Vinyl Glove Sets


OM Warmers

Cold in the winter? Wonder how to keep warm while OMing? Introducing the all new OM Warmers. The new accessory to every woman’s OM Kit. An over the knee sock, this finely ribbed, cotton material ensures warmth. It’s a fact: Warm feet enhance your Orgasm. One Size Fits Most


OM Training (3 pack)

A personal OM Trainer to teach you Orgasmic Meditation or bring your OM practice to the next level. Learn one-to-one from anywhere in the world.

Includes 3 OM Training Sessions and an OM Badge.



Orgasm Coaching (3 pack)

OneTaste Coaching focuses on the “everything that goes with it” aspect. The “learning to live from desire” aspect. Discover your TurnON and live your life from that place. Work with a coach from anywhere in the world.

Includes 3 sessions with a Certified
OneTaste Coach.


The Art of Stroking

An e-book for strokers, this volume includes the preparation for OM, instruction on beginning your OM practice, and a look into Advanced Concepts as a stroker. Take your knowledge and awareness around stroking to the next level.


“What’s in it for the Men?” Video

Everyone has asked this question.Watch as 5 men tell you what they get out of OMing. Learn from men with experience what it was like to start an OM practice and what they noticed as they went from beginner to skillful with the stroke.