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The Best Introduction to an Orgasmic Meditation Practice

(in a format you can practice at home)

Orgasmic Meditation has put me in touch with my deepest desires, opening a vast new world of possibility I have intensely longed for, but feared I would never reach. This kind of visceral freedom is a whole new way of living for me and I feel lucky to have found it when I did.
Roy P, OMer since 2012

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  • What Is OM? Video
  • OM Essentials Manual
  • Ergonomics of OM Video

Build an OM Practice


Set Up A Regular Practice. We say try it for ten days and see what happens. How does your sex life change? How does your life change? Do you have more energy? Do you just feel happier? We’ll help you get everything ready and set for you to have OM as a regular practice in your life.

Get Comfortable in your Nest. Women learn to let go and receive. Men learn to relax and let go of the goal. OM Essentials will help both partners to be comfortable when they have their 15 minutes.

Fit It Into Your Day. OM doesn’t take a long time. 15 minutes a day can bring big benefits. Let us help you avoid the pitfalls of practice early on so you can get the most benefits out of the least time.

People who practice OM regularly report…


Increased Energy.

There’s a well of energy that lives inside of you.


Increased Libido.

You’ll want sex more.


Increased Overall Vitality.

It lights you up from the inside out.


Increased Ability to Feel and know Desire.

You’ll be clear on what you want.

Get Your Invitation To The OM Hub*

…our own private social network



Read someone’s OM Training profile before you OM. Discover the Master Strokers in your area by seeing what training they have.


Read about the experiences of OMers around the world are having in the practice, and share your own. We have our own community.

Mobile Friendly

Orgasm can happen anywhere. So whether you’re at home or out around town, you can post or read posts on the OM Hub from your smartphone.


Send private messages to local OMers to OM. Find OMers in other cities you are traveling to.


Our private social network is only visible to those who OM. It is not connected to Facebook so you can OM without telling the whole world about it.

* For a small monthly fee, the OM Hub is available for membership. But hold your horses, we don’t let just anyone in there. Once you’ve digested your Learn to OM Essentials training you will pass a test before we let you inside. Our community members hold this practice dear so we want to make sure you have all you need before you start your practice.

Learn to OM Essentials Includes:

  • What Is OM? Video
  • OM Essentials Manual
  • Ergonomics of OM Video

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