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From OneTaste and the world’s top expert on Orgasmic Meditation… Nicole Daedone

Discover The Unique Consciousness Practice That Increases
Overall Vitality and Energy While Reviving Your Desire
and Your Connection To Yourself and Your Partner…
Orgasmic Meditation

You’re about to discover what’s really behind your feelings of stress, irritability, lack of fulfillment
and hypersensitivity, along with what’s causing that feeling that there’s just “something missing.”

The BIG problem most women face (and men, too),
yet no one is talking about… until now.

Joanna, President at OneTaste

Before we get into all the details and live the life you really want to live… a life of greater relationships, greater desire and greater connection to yourself and others… let me tell you a little bit about my journey with these feelings, my life with OneTaste and “Orgasmic Meditation,” and…

I’ve been practicing Orgasmic Meditation (OM) for 5 years. Before then, when I found OM, I was convinced I didn’t need it. My sex life was good and I was successful at getting the men that I wanted. I was successful in life, I had an orgasm anytime, I never had trouble finding partners. I didn’t need anything, so I thought then.

When asked “do you know who you are?”… I’d say “of course I know who I am.” The first time I was asked to OM, I said politely, “No thank you.” Yet there was something inside telling me there was more to this, and I needed to investigate further to discover for myself what it was.

I had this in mind the first time I said “Yes.” Though it was all foreign to me, I decided to go with it to see where it takes me. As I started practicing, the word YES was coming to me during OMing. I never realized I wanted to say Yes to pleasure, and wanted it to feel good. I experienced a subtle “revealing” of who I really was on the inside. The answer to that question I was asked before… “Do you know who you are?”

This was my first epiphany, my first revelation that I had indeed stumbled upon something powerful and wonderful. All the while, there was something that kept me “OMing” that I did not fully understand, yet.

As I kept OMing, my next even deeper revelation hit me. I slowly discovered that it is more important to feel good than to look good. I shed many old masks that I wore to keep myself looking good. Then, after spending more and more time around people that OMed, I kept noticing they had the ability to viscerally love people, on a deep level, which I had not experienced before. And that’s what kept making me come back.

During my practice, I uncovered my biggest epiphany, what orgasm really means to me… a continual practice of refining and noticing the subtle parts of myself that I have kept “pushed down” for a long time.

Because as you’ll soon see, once you dive into the world of Orgasmic Meditation (with our help), and practice it regularly, everything changes for the better.

The fact is, Orgasmic Mediation, or “OM” is a consciousness practice which elevates your total well-being. Just like Yoga, Meditation or running, understanding the correct way to go about them is important. Then just like those methods, it’s vitally important that you practice them regularly.

When you do, you enable yourself to enjoy an energized body, and a deep sense of connection. You gain clarity of your thoughts like you may have never experienced, and a state of energy which allows you to enjoy every day. While enjoying your relationships, desire, creativity and all of your day-to-day activities like you’ve never imagined possible.


A woman who practices Orgasmic Meditation:

I discovered the practice of Orgasmic Meditation almost two and a half years ago. I was a 39 year old woman, mother of two school-aged children and in the final stages of a 15 year partnership. I was that woman Nicole Daedone spoke of in her Ted Talk – I ate too much, spent too much and gave too much from a sense of duty and obligation. There was a deep hole I couldn’t fill… and my life was led by doing the right thing and working hard to please others.

Earlier that year, I had started working with a life coach around the area of sexuality. It started out as a cry to save my sexless relationship. My partner told me that I needed to sort out my lack of libido, and I was beginning to secretly think I was broken… my sex was broken.

On the morning of my 39th Birthday I did something bold. I signed up for Betty Dodson’s Bodysex Workshop in NYC. A few months later I found myself in the Big Apple in a room with 12 other naked women. After the Genital Show ‘n Tell portion, I cried silent tears of relief knowing at last that my pussy wasn’t deformed or disgusting, as I recounted the wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colors.

A week later, I was at a Women’s Sexuality Discussion group and I met a local woman who shared with us a practice called Orgasmic Meditation. She didn’t say much, although she described the specifics of the 15 minute partnered practice.

At that point, my eyes lit up. I stayed after the session was over to talk to her. As a newly single woman (my partner and I had since ended our romantic and sexual relationship), the thought of interacting with men in the wide world of dating and sex seemed daunting. And like more work than this busy working mama had time for.”

And then came Susan’s big moment of discovery…

“The promise of such exquisite attention for only 15 minutes… with nothing asked for in return… sounded too good to be true. A month later, I lay down for my first OM. I was nervous, my mind wandered…


After it was over, I dressed and felt embarrassingly grateful to my Stroker. I can’t recall ever receiving attention like that. This feeling stayed with me for at least three months as I developed a regular OM practice, three times per week with two of our only Strokers in the area (who sometimes drove up to two hours for an OM).

It was crazy. It was weird. I was crazy. My mind raced. And yet… something deep and quiet told me not to give up. Something inside knew that healing my sex was the path to freedom. And so it was. And so it is.”

Now, here’s what Susan had to say after her ongoing experiences with Orgasmic Meditation:

“I Feel More Connected To Myself, My Body And My Desire.”

“I am now a more present and forgiving parent (both to myself and my children). I see men as the heroes they are and am at ease interacting with them. I am able to make decisions with clarity and am experiencing the magic in manifesting my desires.

“I am learning to exercise new muscles, taking chances, making mistakes and developing precision in my relationships. I am experiencing love and partnership in a way I didn’t believe existed. And I am learning that the vast, rich and colorful landscape of a life powered by orgasm is beyond what I ever could have imagined.”

Let me introduce you to the condition researchers and doctors call “Tumescence.” Basically, tumescence is the effects of a chronic buildup of sexual energy that when not released (by real, full-powered orgasm), leads to the lack of desire, and the disconnectedness with yourself and others that you may be experiencing.

It’s the “root cause” of the irritability, criticalness of others, loneliness and frustration we talked about earlier. In addition to the cause of “self medication” in the form of working too much, spending too much, working out or running too much, shopping too much and yes, drinking too much.

If you participated in our Orgasm Personality Quiz when you first came into the OneTaste world, you answered some simple questions, and received your quiz results, your “Orgasm Personality.”

The buildup of sexual energy which causes tumescence is categorized as three Orgasm Personality Types: Fixed, Dissipated, and Hypervolatile.

Now, even though what you just discovered is real, and affecting the lives of women (and men) all over the world in a very noticeable way, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When your orgasm is released.

Just like Susan described with her experiences earlier. For our students, the discovery of OneTaste and Orgasmic Meditation is…

“A Life Powered By Orgasm”

Our OneTaste “OM Essentials” First Step Program for beginners guides you to appreciate the breadth and depth of orgasm, and then channel it into all areas of your life. Enabling your sex life to improve and your vitality to increase, making food taste better, and your connection to yourself and others deepen.

Completely Changed The Way I Relate To My Desire.
“I’ve been OMing now since April of 2012, and I can say that the practice has completely changed the way I relate to my desire. It has given me the ability to feel my desire at a visceral level in my body. And I don’t mean just sexual desire, but desire at so many levels: professionally, personally, and in all my relationships.”
– Mary S.
While Orgasmic Meditation is simple, it’s not easy. Which is why it requires practice and dedication. When you do commit yourself to creating a “TurnedON” life for yourself, you’ll see the big picture, and experience the same benefits all of our OM students do.

Here Are 6 Things You’ll Love About Practicing Orgasmic Meditation
With Our First Step “Introduction to OM Essentials” Program:

  • 1) Effortless Practice
  • 2) Start Feeling Results
  • 3) Requires Little Time
  • 4) No Will Power Required
  • 5) Everyone Can OM
  • 6) No Set Schedule

1) Effortless Practice – Discovering how to “OM” and experience the life-transforming benefits involves no hard work or stressful practicing. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. The more you relax, and practice connecting with the moment and your partner, the deeper and more profound are the benefits you receive.

2) Start Feeling Results – As we heard from Susan’s story just a moment ago, you can start feeling results the very first time you try OMing. Susan did, and said she felt the positive effects of her first OM immediately, and continued to feel it three months later.

3) Requires Little Time – The beauty of OMing is that it’s required that you limit each OM session to just 15 minutes. That means you just set up your OMing “nest” (so you’re comfortable and in the proper position for the OM), start your 15 minute timer, enjoy your OM, then it’s done. Then you go about your day feeling turned ON, connected to yourself and your desires, with a renewed sense of vitality.

4) No Will Power Required – After you experience your first “OM” you will want to do it again and again. It’s such a lift for your mind and body, and requires nothing on your part besides being in the moment, connecting with your body and your partner, and letting go of your stiffness and rigidity.

5) Everyone Can OM – Since OMing is a goalless practice, both men and women can enjoy the experience of OMing. No matter how old you are, no matter if you’re married, single, partnered, or struggling through divorce or a bad relationship.

6) No Set Schedule – When practicing your OM, you have full control over when you practice and when you don’t. Some students practice three times a week, some practice once a week. Some of our students who are living with a serious buildup of sexual energy (like we discussed earlier) even practice three times a day! There’s no set regimen. It’s all up to what works best for you.

Or click “play” below…
To hear what Kadija had to say about her experience with Orgasmic Meditation:

I OM – The Story of Kadija

You’ll Never Know What You’ll Experience While OMing

I OM – The Story of Andrea

Now It’s YOUR Turn… To Harness This Powerful Consciousness Practice
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How To Start Practicing OM – Finding a Partner
OM Essentials Ergonomics – The Proper Positioning and Items Needed To Practice OMing Effectively
Getting Comfortable In Your Nest – Where You’ll OM

If you’re a woman, you’ll learn to let go and receive.

If you’re a man, you’ll learn to relax and let go of the goal.

OM Essentials Helps Both Partners Be Comfortable
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OM doesn’t take a long time, either. 15 minutes a day can bring
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