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From OneTaste and the world’s top expert on Orgasmic Meditation… Nicole Daedone

Discover the unique consciousness practice that increases overall vitality and energy while reviving your desire and your connection to yourself and your partner… ORGASMIC MEDITIATION

You’re about to discover what’s really behind your feelings of stress, irritability, lack of fulfillment and hypersensitivity, along with what’s causing that feeling that there’s just “something missing.” The BIG problem most women face (and men, too), yet no one is talking about… until now.

Before we get into all the details and live the life you really want to live… a life of greater relationships, greater desire and greater connection to yourself and others… let me tell you a little bit about my journey with these feelings, my life with OneTaste and “Orgasmic Meditation,” and…

The fact is, Orgasmic Mediation, or “OM” is a consciousness practice which elevates your total well-being.

Just like Yoga, Meditation or running, understanding the correct way to go about them is important. Then just like those methods, it’s vitally important that you practice them regularly.

When you do, you enable yourself to enjoy an energized body, and a deep sense of connection. You gain clarity of your thoughts like you may have never experienced, and a state of energy which allows you to enjoy every day. While enjoying your relationships, desire, creativity and all of your day-to-day activities like you’ve never imagined possible.

A woman who practices

Orgasmic Meditation:

"I discovered the practice of Orgasmic Meditation almost two and a half years ago. I was a 39 year old woman, mother of two school-aged children and in the final stages of a 15 year partnership. I was that woman Nicole Daedone spoke of in her Ted Talk – I ate too much, spent too much and gave too much from a sense of duty and obligation. There was a deep hole I couldn’t fill… and my life was led by doing the right thing and working hard to please others.

Earlier that year, I had started working with a life coach around the area of sexuality. It started out as a cry to save my sexless relationship. My partner told me that I needed to sort out my lack of libido, and I was beginning to secretly think I was broken... my sex was broken.

If you participated in our Orgasm Personality Quiz when you first came into the OneTaste world, you answered some simple questions, and received your quiz results, your “Orgasm Personality.”

The buildup of sexual energy which causes tumescence is categorized as three Orgasm Personality Types: Fixed, Dissipated, and Hypervolatile.

Now, even though what you just discovered is real, and affecting the lives of women (and men) all over the world in a very noticeable way, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When your orgasm is released.

Just like Susan described with her experiences earlier. For our students, the discovery of OneTaste and Orgasmic Meditation is…

Our OneTaste “OM Essentials” First Step Program for beginners guides you to appreciate the breadth and depth of orgasm, and then channel it into all areas of your life. Enabling your sex life to improve and your vitality to increase, making food taste better, and your connection to yourself and others deepen.

Here’s What You Get With Our First
Step “OM Essentials” Program For Beginners:

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Including the details for taking your first steps:
What Is OM – Orgasmic Meditation In-Depth
How To Start Practicing OM – Finding a Partner
OM Essentials Ergonomics – The Proper Positioning and Items Needed To Practice OMing Effectively
Getting Comfortable In Your Nest – Where You’ll OM

If you’re a woman, you’ll learn to let go and receive.

If you’re a man, you’ll learn to relax and let go of the goal.

OM Essentials Helps Both Partners Be Comfortable

When They Have Their 15 Minutes.

OM doesn’t take a long time, either.
15 minutes a day can bring
big benefits. OM is easy to fit into your day.

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