Learn. Discover. Build Community. And, OM.

communityIt’s the community that inspires, connects and is that special ingredient needed to light up the power grid of the world. OM happens in community. The OM community is here to help people learn, discover, build community, and OM. Share your experiences, your questions, your desires, what’s working, what you want and more. Join and meet others who are building an OM practice.

From first learning that the practice of OM exists — to having your first OM — to completing the Master OM practice certification and everything in between, community is one of the most important things surrounding this practice. Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is supported by others who also know and participate in this practice – both near and far, through in person and online communities.

We welcome you to join the OM community. The OM Community membership gives you access to in person OM Circles and the online network, The OM Hub. Here you get OM resources, ask questions to others who do the practice, share your own experiences and find a partner to OM with. You’ll find that the idea of OM becomes a lot more possible when you’re a part of the community.

OM Badge = The Best Way to Know OM

We require that all people who enter the OM Community (The OM Hub, OM Circles, etc) know the basic tenets and philosophies behind OM. It allows all members to operate under the premise that we all have a basic understanding of the practice of OM. There are NO exceptions. All people in the OM Community have an OM Badge.

Getting your OM Badge is easy! First, learn the How to OM basic material (via the online product, the OM class, or via a private OM trainer). Then, use those materials to help you pass the OM quiz (we believe in open book quizzes). It’s easy, we promise!

Whether you have never had an OM or have been OMing for 10 years, it all begins with the OM Badge Membership.

The OM Badge is your membership access to all things OM.

Your OM Badge Membership Includes:
  • An annual membership to OM Circles all over the world (OM Training & OM Course graduates)
  • An annual membership to the online community — The OM Hub
  • Connection to a community of OMers around the world
  • Free access to a monthly webinar about OM (and everything that goes with is)
  • Access to the vibrant, constant conversation around OM

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