The Mastery Program

Take the most potent force we have access to – orgasm – that we have the least skill with, and learn how to master it.

People were asking for a course where they learned how to have the kind of sex their bodies were now ready for because the old kind (harder and faster) was producing diminishing returns. They wanted generative sex lives that fueled them. We said OK! And we called it Orgasm Mastery. Whether you’ve had 0 OMs or 10,000, Mastery will meet you right where you’re at and introduce you to the next level of your orgasm. It’s what you came here for.

A Week-long, Immersive Mastery Intensive that includes:

How to…

  • apply the laws of Orgasm to cock sucking for her and pussy sucking for him – evolve beyond commerce-based sexuality (same-sex/gender fluid pairings are welcome!)
  • engage every aspect of your senses to viscerally experience what 100% of yourself feels like in sex — stop wondering what you’re capable of and find out.
  • differentiate between applying power and force – discover the true meaning of power and locate yours.


  • An Overall Vitality for Life. You light up from the inside out.
  • A Mastery Level of TurnON. When you’re TurnedON, things flow. Know, understand and create a life based on TurnON.
  • Orgasm. There’s a well of energy that lives inside of you. Learn to access it and build your life from the infinite source that exists inside you.
  • The kind of sex you actually want. Your libido increases. You’ll want sex more. Naturally.
  • Learn to stroke her pussy like an instrument.
  • Discover an ability to feel and know desire. You’ll be clear on what you want.
  • Men, learn to feel and speak another language – Women’s language.
  • Increase pleasure from concentration & attention. Your life & sex changes when your attention grows.
  • A felt sense of exactly what your Orgasm can create in your life. Feel how powerful you are in this world.
  • The new communication between men & women. Relating on a different plane. Relationship by design.

The Mastery Intensive intimately introduces you to your Orgasm, takes it to the next level and helps you discover how to live from that place.

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