Intro to OM

Orgasmic Meditation combines the power and attention of meditation with the deeply human, deeply felt, connected experience of Orgasm.

What is OMing? A 15-minute partnered consciousness practice where one partner strokes the other one's clitoris for 15 minutes with no goal other than to feel and be present.

You won’t be doing the actual practice in this class, but you will be learning all about it AND seeing a live demonstration of OM by two advanced practitioners.

There’s an important distinction that’s worth making between climax and the Orgasm state. Climax is a few seconds of physical experience, whereas the state of Orgasm is continuous—allowing OMers to access optimal state of consciousness brought about from the activation of the sex impulse.

When harnessed consciously, Orgasm can enhance us as human beings. Science and experience agree - Orgasm can incline people towards empathy, connection and generosity.

Orgasm magnifies, intensifies, and vivifies everyday experience not by altering it, but by revealing it in its true nature and has astounding implications for our health, happiness, and relationships.

The one day course includes:

  • An introduction to the philosophy behind Orgasmic Meditation
  • The benefits of beginning an OM practice
  • The 5 Triggers of the Orgasm State and how they relate to OM and life
  • A live demonstration of the Orgasm State by two advanced practitioners
  • A step by step clothes-on demonstration of the practice
  • A confidential, professionally held course with subject matter experts

The course takes place from 10am - 6pm and includes interactive lecture, demonstration, Q and A, fun exercises, and a 90-minute lunch break. Everything in the course is optional.

We're committed to your satisfaction. Each participant will receive a phone call from an Orgasm Expert welcoming them to the course and orienting them to the practice within one week of the course date.

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