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Relationship Retreat

July 13 - 16

Deep down, we know there is a place of power and purpose within us. Relationship is not about finding the perfect person to fulfill us. It’s about learning how to use connection to evoke the genius inside ourselves.

We typically think of relationship as having a set of rules, habits, and expectations. We want the other person to take us out on dates, to look good, to have a career, to be easy and fun to be around, etc. Later on, when we sink into our patterns, we get slower and let things slide. They irritate us or we just get bored and the sex dies. We move on to the next person. But what if it wasn’t about them?

A relationship can be electric, dynamic and deep. It doesn't need to be predictable, comfortable or easy. It’s about what brings out the best in you, makes you feel alive, and brings you to your edge – increasing intimacy and connection on a daily basis. This kind of relationship has a life of its own – it’s led by desire and shifts over time to what is most right and true in the moment.

At the Relationship Retreat, immerse yourself in a three-day experience where you can practice what it feels like to be vulnerable and connected on the most basic level. Clear away your conditioning and explore your fears and places you grip or hide. Open yourself up to a new way of relating that invokes your internal safety and brings you to a place of fulfillment. From there, you open up a whole world of relationship with others.

"If you have the choice, do whatever goes against your conditioning."— Nicole Daedone


The Retreat includes

  • Innovative tools and practices to cultivate fulfilling relationship
  • A community of connection – retreat participants, both singles and couples, from around the world
  • Lectures and coaching circles with senior OneTaste faculty, to free stuck patterns and build relationship based on desire
  • Daily practices to integrate your learning – meditation, yoga, writing
  • Time to fully relax in the gorgeous surrounds of the Northern California woods - let nature restore and enliven you
  • Simple modern shared accommodations
  • Delicious organic meals prepared by our in-house chef


$4,399 On a payment plan with a deposit

$3,999 Paid in Full

For inquiries or to speak with a live representative, please contact Eli Block: +1.800.994.0041

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