Healing means removing all impediments to love.

Healing doesn't need to take place alone in the dark, or only in a therapist’s office. It can actually be a joyful, vulnerable experience done in connection with others.

This weekend is about undoing internal ties of shame, fear and suffering; the places our energy is painfully enmeshed in the past and therefore unavailable to us here and now. It's a chance to liberate that energy and ultimately to discover how much power is in the darkness. It's a potent step on the path of Orgasm, held by qualified facilitators in a compassionate and safe space.

The two-day course includes lectures & partnered exercises on the following topics:

  • Working with sexual shame
  • Forgiveness as a path to freedom
  • Uncovering our relationship history
  • The relationship between shame & perfection
  • Boundaries: holding the line & crossing the line
  • Reconciliation with self & the past
  • The Triangle of Victim, Perpetrator, Rescuer
  • OM-based healing

As with all OneTaste courses, every exercise is entirely optional. Discover and heal at your own pace, by your own volition, with other seekers, in a crafted and loving container held by OneTaste staff.

We're committed to your satisfaction. Each registrant will receive a phone call from an Orgasm Expert welcoming them to the course and orienting them to the practice within one week of the course date.

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If you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or are suffering from the effects of trauma, we strongly advise you to speak to a therapist or other mental health professional, before registering for this course. As is the case with all transformational work and specifically work in this area, participation may trigger difficult emotions and feelings.